Camping with Cubs

When i was about 9 or 10 I went camping with Cubs to the New Forest. I don’t like camping at the best of times but it would be something different to do.

So I had never really been camping before and on the first night all was well. On the second night all was well… until the morning. I had woken up in the middle of the night a few times reall needing the loo, but it was really dark outside and I was at the back of the tent with no way out!! So I held it.

In the morning my tent mates were still fast asleep and I was bursting, it hurt. So i tried to sneak out the back of the tent but couldn’t do it without bringing the whole tent down. So I thought about climbing over. But I trod on the first guy and he wasn’t very impressed so I climbed back into my sleeping back and held it.

Then I felt it… the first little spurt and the patch on my pyjamas… There was no stopping it then. I peed in my pyjamas wrapped in a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag was waterproof so all the pee stayed in the sleeping bag. I had to try and control the flow a bit so that the soundns didn’t wake everyone up.

As soon as I had finshed and my sleeping back and pjs were soaked, then everyone else woke up and got out the tent. I then quickly got changed and pushed my lseeping bag out the back of the tent into the sun, drained it off and then held it open to try. I told the team leader I had spilt water… he didnt say anything so I don;t know if he believed me or not.

Hot now I look back on it but very embarassing at the time!!

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