camping trip

I went camping I got a fair size tent its the old fashion type with wooden poles I have get help when I go on a site to set it up which I usually treat my helpers to few cans of beer . so here iam on a site near the cost got few guys and there girl friends help me set up once its up its so strong an I just like the space it gives inside . so after the help and making new friends after bar-b que its time to hit the sack and say good night to them . I had been sleep must been about hour and I heard heavy rain and wind blowing at the tent and some lighting and thunder going on . there seemed be some fun going on outside and I went had a peep the new friends we standing around in the rain with just night clothes and jackets on as their tents were blowing all over the place from the wind and rain so I shouted to them hey come here shelter in my tent for the night sort you tents out in morn my tents big enough for us all . so I ended up with about 3 couples in my tent now drying off and getting warm by my small gas burner . I made them some hot drinks and we sat around chatting . didn’t seem like we was going get much sleep with the storm going on .after a while the one girl said she needed the loo and the other two girls said they go with her but rain was too heavy so I said here I got this big bucket I use for when weathers like this so go on use it . the girls looked at each other and said in front of the guys , yeah the other two guys said you don’t need be shy I tell you what we go in front of you to balance it up the girls giggled and said ok but theres a problem I need poo said the girl who wanted to go in first place . so what just do it we can watch lol ok she said and slipped off her not clothes now naked crotches over the bucket the light in the tent was a dull glow from the lamps but could see quiet well ,there was short sharp gush sound as the girl let out a pee then a crackle sound as she opened up her anus then this brown turd started to appear it was firm and long as it slide out the dropped off into the bucket I said to her bet that feels better now you done that the others just laughed . the other girls in turn used the bucket but they wanted just a pee , the guys just had pee too the girls loved that watch the guys hold there cocks and pee into the bucket , so now was my turn and felt like a poo might me feel better and so I took a turn sitting over the bucket the girls all sat around the bucket waiting for me to poo it didn’t take long . I dropped a few short turds and they splashed into the pee in the bucket and to finish me off I did a pee too , after tat we chatted about what we had all done and said it was a great experience and it was commented that we all human and need to poo and pee so they didn’t see a problem its just society that demanded private units that hide it and to prevent the sexual harassment we might get too. by morning the rain and wind had stopped and they went go sort their tents out and have breakfast . they came bake later and helped me empty the bucket . we became good friends and had a few good evenings chatting and drinking and yes sharing toilet needs in my bucket lol till we all went different ways at the end of weeks camping . end

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