Camping Fun

Kelly had always been different. different in the things she liked, different in the what she did for fun, and different in her looks. she was about 5′ 7 curly brown hair and the most beautiful hazel eyes. her dad was white but her mom was full blooded Navajo Indian which gave her the sun tan bronze complexion. She had an athletic build medium sized breast not to big not to small and a perky round ass, by far she stood out because she was so sexy. All the guys at the university fawned over her even some of the professors . She was very out going and everyone liked her. Kelly’s best friend was Sara. Sara like most of the popular kids was good looking too. she was a year older than Kelly but they had been best friends since they were toddlers and they had a lot of the same interest. Sara was 5’9 short black hair brown eyes and a light brown complexion. Kelly and Sara loved to have fun with some of the younger freshman guys, they would flirt with them, or wear very short skirts and g strings and bend over in front of the guys lunch table, and sometimes they would sit in their laps and see which one of them could give the puberty stricken barely eighteen yr old boys whose lap they were sitting in a boner first. these types of things amused the girls. Kelly said she could get those boys to do anything she wanted, and Sara bet her that she couldn’t. so they made a wager that Kelly couldn’t get a boy to let her use him as a toilet!!! secretly she hoped that she could though. Kelly and Sara love to watch videos online of Asian women using men as their toilet slaves. They acted as if it were gross but secretly they both wanted to try it. Now was their opportunity. The plan was set they would take some unsuspecting guy up to their favorite camp site and have some fun. Now was the best part picking the guy. It had to be a freshman that didnt look to bad but also had low self-esteem and would do just about anything for a night with two of the hottest girls in college. Tyler was a very over zealous freshman. He was always trying to get close to Kelly every since she sat in his lap the second week of of the first semester. He was 6’1 with short hair he wasn’t built but he was cut. Kelly and Sara chose to take him because of his infatuation with Kelly and because when she had sat on his lap his dick was huge she could feel it through his pants. Sara and Kelly packed their car with some interesting toys and extra clothes and picked up Tyler. Kelly had told him that she wanted to take him camping with her for the weekend. His mind ran wild and he figured he would finally lose his virginity. As they drove down the long dirt road leading to camp site Tyler’s mind fantasized about all the things he would get to do to Kelly, he didn’t say much as the girls talked among themselves. Did you bring toilet paper? Sara asked Kelly, Of course I did he is in the back seat and they both laughed. when they got there Tyler set up the tent and got the fire going. he looked over and he couldn’t help but to stare at Kelly. She was wearing a tight pink tank top that was low cut and showed of her titties perfectly and a pair of flare blue jeans that was snug in all the right places and a pair of pink timberland boots that matched her tank top. All Tyler could think about was getting into those jeans. He figured that maybe he would get to fuck Sara too I mean why else would she have come along. Sara was wearing a black tank top that showed her stomach and a pair of tight black spandex pants with a pair of tall fur boots. after they ate dinner Kelly’s stomach started to rumble she looked at Sara and winked which let Sara know she was about to make her move. she said “man it is dark, Tyler can you come with me?” Yes he thought to himself he started to get hard just thinking about it. he stood up to go with her and he dick stuck tightly against his pants, when Sara saw the imprint she was impressed. he followed Kelly in to the woods down a path about 20 ft away from camp and she started to unbuckle her pants, Tyler got exited and started to un do his pants and she stopped him. I have to use the bathroom, she said. Well go ahead i’ll wait said Tyler . well Tyler let me ask you how much do you love me? he said to infinity and beyond she said prove it!!!!! How he asked, well I don’t want to pee on the ground, Okay he said so I was wondering if I could pee in your mouth instead? wow Tyler thought to himself that’s not what I signed up for but he imagined that he might not get the pussy if he didn’t do it so he said ok. she said lay down on the ground on your back, so he did she said pull your dick out so he did that to, at this point he was fully erect. His cock was two inches thick and the shaft was eleven inches long with a big slick head and a little curve in it. Close your eyes she said and put your hands together when he did she quickly zip tied his hands where he couldn’t move them. he opened his eyes quickly, wait whats up why did you tie my hands? Don’t worry baby she said I just wanted to make sure you would go through with it. Kelly walked around In front of Tyler with her ass facing his head. she undid the buckle and button on her pants and let them drop down to her ankles then she grabbed her pink panties and slowly inched them down side to side revealing a fleshy swollen mound and a pink puckered rosebud. she squatted down over his face putting her cunt right over his mouth. the sweet musky smell of her slit made his member rock hard. she put her fingers over her lips and spread them open revealing her sacred hole. Lick me she said and that is exactly what he did. he furiously tongued and sucked her honey pot. The salty, tangy taste of her vagina drove him wild suddenly he felt a few drops of a warm salty bitter liquid hit his tongue he started to gag at the taste but the drops turned into a stream. Kelly pinched his nose so that he had to drink it and Tyler gulped down the dark yellow piss like a warm beer on a hot day. as long as he was drinking it he could barely taste the substance but when it trickled down and stopped and he took a breath he was quickly repulsed by the pungent after taste of her golden nectar. as he struggled not to vomit he thought to himself at least that’s it, he had been traumatized by the taste that his dick began to go limp. as he struggled to catch his breath he wondered why Kelly hadn’t gotten up yet. Kelly slid forward a little placing her perfectly symmetrical anus over his still open mouth. Sorry babe there’s more dinner did a number on my stomach, fear entered Tyler’s mind at the thought of consuming human shit at the same time there was something very arousing about the thought of being Kelly full toilet. as these thoughts filled Tyler’s head his soldier immediately returned to attention. as Kelly lowered her rear end closer to Tyler’s mouth he began to tongue Kelly’s hole first running his tongue around the rim then diving right in. the pungent taste was unbearable yet a little sweet. he pushed the taste and smells out of his mind only focusing on how kinky this was and that the girl of his dreams was letting him consume the most intimate parts of her. while tonging inside her chocolate factory his tongue hit something solid, could it be, his first morsel of Kelly’s chocolate. Here it comes she said. he kept his tip on it as his tongue guided it out. he could see her sphincter open up and a cocoa brown mass started to emerge. the turd was about an inch in diameter and it continued to make its way into his mouth until it was about three inches in and pressing against the back of his throat, “bite it , chew it ” Kelly said as to remind Tyler that he was eating her shit. Tyler bit the log and began to chew it , the taste was so repulsive and the foul pertruding odor could peel the paint off the wall but the more Tyler ate the better it tasted. once he had chewed those three inches Kelly pushed and out came anther three inches of poo before she pinched it off. the sensation of feeding a man had aroused Kelly so much that her bald mound was throbbing and her clit was rock hard poking it head out from between the folds and she was rubbing it profusely. hearing Tyler mouth and suck and chew on her crap brought Kelly to a climax shooting her warm cunt juice all over Tyler hair and causing some of it mixed with her urine to trickle down to her butt and into Tyler’s mouth, this made the now thick feces soft in Tyler mouth and added yet another interesting flavor to Tyler’s meal.after Tyler chewed the last of the now not so bad tasting poop Kelly asked hm to lick her cunt and her butt hole clean which he did with pleasure. as Kelly stood up all clean and a little moist from Tyler’s tongue she pulled up her panties and her pants and said thank you. “So how did you like that a familiar voice said to him, he looked up and there was Sara standing off to the side with a video camera. I can’t believe you got him to do it she said to Kelly. I told you I could Kelly responded. Fear ran through Tyler’s mind again, was that video taped, why who are they gonna show it to, what will me mom say and my friends if they find out what i did? Hey what are you gonna do with that he said in a forceful voice to Sara. Calm down freshman No one will ever see it as long as you do what we say. I just ate shit what more could you possibly want? the girls looked at each other and grinned How about round two Kelly said. You have to go again? no she replied But i do said Sara. So Sara handed the camera to Kelly and said lets hurry up i gotta go. She quickly hurried around to squat over Tyler like a little girl who could barely hold it running to the potty. she grabbed the side if her pants and the inside of her thong and swiftly jerked them down ans squatted right over Tyler’s mouth and said open wide suddenly a flood of fresh light yellow war piss came flooding into Tyler’s mouth surprisingly it wasn’t nearly as strong as Kelly’s urine and Tyler drank it down as easily as drinking a glass of water, warm salty water. alright Sara said as she finished flooding Tyler’s mouth and pee dripped from her loose wet pussy lips, now you can lick me. she plopped the weight of her small body on to Tyler’s face and for only the second time in his life he began to eat pussy. Kelly was extremely aroused by seeing this and she put the camera down and preceded to focus on Tyler’s large member the ran her finger up and down the front of his shaft then began to slowly suck and lick on his humungous cock. after she had gotten it nice and lubricated she pulled off her boots pulled down her pants and took them off while again rubbing her clit through her panties. she then removed her very moist and now musty panties and stood over Tyler with one foot on each side of him and lowered herself onto his penis sliding the head and then the shaft inside one inch at a time. after eight inches sh reached her cervix at the top of her uterus so she came back up and slide back down, up and down, up and down moving faster and faster until she came for the second time that evening the walls of her pussy clinching and contracting on the shaft of Tyler’s dick causing him to explode inside of her and to lick and tongue Sara’s snatch causing her to to explode in ecstasy in Tyler’s mouth flooding it yet again with a pleathera of tangy salty delicious flavors. climaxing caused Sara’s bowels to loosen and her stool was instantly upon her sh quickly slid forward and surprised Tyler with a mouth full of creamy yellow liquid scat, there was no chewing involved just a large gulp from Tyler and it was gone. the aftermath of cream in Tyler’s mouth was repulsive sour and yet now he found it to not be so bad in fact he furiously tongued Sara’s butt crack cleaning up all traces and tried to suck out more but it was all gone. Sara stood up exhaustedlly pulled up her pants and looked at Tyler in his eyes and said you liked it didn’t you, he only grinned. by now Kelly was also redressed and the helped Tyler up and cut the zip tie off his hands. they all went back to the camp. I sure would love to do that again said Tyler to the surprise of the girls. I knew you liked it said Sara don’t worry the girls said together we’ll have more for you in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!

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