Butt Plugged & Diapered

As y’all know I am on a mission to get a prolapsed incontinent hole ASAP (do msg if you want to help) and all the way through the UK lockdown I’d thought I’d totally lost my interest in getting totally ruined, then, a few weeks ago, something switched back on in me.

I have this butt plus which is the size of a decent fist. Now I’d not played for ages at all, but I managed to go from 0 to taking this thing in about 5 mins, so I was pleasantly surprised, when it went in with hardly any help. I was bouncing up and down on it for a bit, loving the feeling on there being hardly any resistance anymore to it when I thought I should whack it in and keep in for a bit. So, I took my last nappy, pushed the plug in my ass, and then popped the nappy on over the top. I then went about the flat, even the garden, doing odd bits and pieces in my nappy.

Eventually, the plug always makes me feel like I need to shit it out – I’m getting better and better at how long I can keep in in for – but as this was the first time I’d managed about 15 mins or so. Now, before playing I usually douche, and this time I’d kept that up, so I was very surprised that when I did end up shitting the plug out in the diaper, it really did get shit out! The plug and my wrecked hole were covered in it. I was so horney up by it that I actually kept it all in the nappy and forced the shitty plug back in with just the poo for lube and kept it in there for a little while longer.

Eventually my poor ass couldn’t cope with it anymore and forced it out into the diaper, giving me a big bulge out the back because of the weight of it. I was VERY messy after, and seeing my broken ass and rose bud, covered in shit emerging from the diaper though was hot AF!

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  1. Dude, I know what you are talking about with the butt plug. Every time I wear a butt plug I always shit it out in my pants. This one time I was at the mall wearing my butt plug and a diaper. The need to poop hit me hard. I was walking through the food court and I shit that plug out and loaded my diaper big time. I just stood their looking at a menu shitting and pissing in my diaper. It was the best feeling ever, and doing it in public was ever better!

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