Busting Bladder


I have never told a story but now is the perfect time. Those of you who don’t know me, which is 99% of you. Here’s the Quick version. I’m an older hippie that travels around the United States a lot. OK your caught up. Anyway 3 days ago I left Seattle by train heading for Chicago. I stayed in Chicago on the streets last night. By the way I haven’t slept since I left Seattle. I guess I’m still pretty good at partying. I bring this up for a couple reasons. Number 1 when I stay awake nonstop for 2-3 days, my dick thinks its a teenager again and wants to start marking his territory. and reason 2 i want my dick to be happy. Last Night it was just too cold to pee. so I was thinking maybe be ill have an accident while waiting for the bus. It never happened. So running late once again, I sprinted to the bus and as usual I was the last one on. so I get on the bus and it’s packed. The cutest girl on the bus was sitting alone and let me sit next to her. She had that little Tweeker in her eye. we started just having a little small talk. Let me remind my audience. this is happening as I write. so were both playing with our phones I’m trying to upload more Video to Tumblr She starts to get curious and is watching these videos I made. I ask her if it turns her on watching men wetting there pants and underwear. she just kinda glanced at me, a little confused I could tell. I told her that all these pictures and video is me. oh course she didn’t know what to say and I asked her if she had ever wet her pants before. She wanted to say no but she said it happened while she was drunk one time. “Did you like it”? “of course not, I was really embarrassed”. but then i could tell she was thinking about it. I told her my bladder was really full and that I didnt think I could make it to the bathroom. She looked right at my crouch and said, “are you going to pee in your pants?“I told her I didn’t know even though I really wanted her to see me pee my pants. I’m starting to show off a pretty serious hard on at this point, and she notices. She then starts to press on my bladder, and I can’t tell if I’m going to Cum in my pants or wet them. she keeps rubbing and pressing on my bladder. I start pee and I stopped but there is a very noticable wet stain on jeans. Just as this happens the bus pulls over for our last break before coming into Cincinnati. I can’t get up, I can’t deal with the embarrassment being slightly tweeked out. I asked her to get me a large water. I’m covering up my wet spot in my jeans but I still have to pee really bad. We get back on the road, I ask her to drink my water, she had that twinkle in her eye again and she knew what I was up too but she continued drinking. A few minutes have gone by and we were almost in Ohio. I can tell she has to pee. she’s wiggling around in her seat, she says she can’t go through with it, I asked her to wait a little longer and she did. A couple minutes go by and she says she wants to use to bathroom on the bus. as she stands up to get around me i grab on to her sides and start tickling her, she immediately starts peeing and tells me to quit. I let her by and she dashes for the bathroom, but someone is in there. she goes into her I really have to pee dance, the whole bus is watching at this point. I see her wet spot getting bigger and she’s banging on the door yelling please let me in. she’s at her breaking point I told her to come here and that I have an Idea. She comes back over very noticable she has peed her pants. I asked her to sit on my lap and continue peeing and she did. I started peeing my pants from the pressure of her sitting on me. When we finally finished both of our pants were soaked along with the bus seat and floor. We made it to Cincinnati and we continued to experiment with her new love of desperation and wetting

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