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Rami made sure, then made sure three more times that Gwilym was gone. The car was gone, meaning Gwil was gone. He was off doing some errands.

“Thank god,” Rami said to himself, stepping away from the window and looking down at himself. “I could burst any minute…” He examined his dry, light grey sweatpants – they looked perfectly neat and tidy. ‘Not for long,’ He thought.

He went into the bathroom and admired his dry pants one last time in the full body mirror. He checked himself out, looking at his front and at his butt. Dry as a bone… for now.

Grabbing a towel and placing it under his feet, Rami turned to face the mirror. Normally he would do this in the shower, but he wanted to see himself this time. He felt his bladder ache and urge for release, making him bite his lip. ‘Just a few more seconds…’ He thought.

Although most people found this sensation to be unbearable, but to Rami, it was pleasurable. He loved the feeling of his bladder filled to brim and begging for relief. He loved the tightness, the tingles, the danger of losing control at any time. It was an erotic sensation for him.

What was an even better feeling was actually letting go. The feeling of his bladder literally emptying and deflating as his underwear and pants got soaked in the process and feeling it all puddle underneath his feet? Heavenly. Orgasmic, even.

But at the same time, this kink of his made him feel… a bit guilty. He hadn’t told Gwilym about it, and he didn’t plan on telling him for a while. They had only been dating for about a month, and Rami just didn’t feel like Gwilym was ready to know just how dirty and kinky he was. Not yet, anyway.

Enough about that, though – Rami was merely seconds away from bursting. He made sure he was standing on the towel and gave himself one more look-over in the mirror before holding his breath and beginning to let go.

It started out with just a tiny trickle, barely enough to stain his boxers. But after a few seconds the stream began to pick up and soon he was full-on pissing freely into his pants. He exhaled and watched in the mirror as his grey sweatpants started to grow a dark wet stain around his crotch and down his pant leg, the sound of urine heavily splattering onto the towel filling the room.

Rami bit his bottom lip and trembled a bit in excitement while watching this. He was beginning to get hard, and this was making pissing a bit more difficult. He had to push a bit to get the rest of it out, and soon he was finished.

The final result of his pants was enough to make him get even harder. The left pant leg – the direction he had his dick positioned, was soaked with a dark grey stain that traveled all the way down his leg. His actual leg and foot were soaked as well, droplets of urine still dripping down his leg. The towel underneath him felt warm and a bit mushy from his piss being collected on it, as well as having a slight yellow tint to it.

Rami couldn’t wait any longer. He was rock hard and he needed to cum. He stepped off of the towel and sat down on the toilet (ironic, right?), looking down at his drenched crotch. He reached a hand down and started to rub himself through his pants, moaning outloud since he was alone.

“Fuck…” He whined as he rubbed his wet cock against his warm, wet clothes. “Why does this feel so good…” He closed his eyes and rubbed a bit harder, his dick twitching in delight. Oh, how he wished Gwilym was here. He wished he knew about this. He knew Gwil would make a terrific dom, he was just too shy to ask. But alas, Rami was left to take care if this all by himself.

… Or was he?

Gwilym entered the front door of their apartment, silently cursing to himself. He forgot the damn grocery list again. There was no way he would remember what they needed, so he decided to come back and get it.

Just as he went over to the fridge to grab the list, he heard something from down the hall. He looked and saw that the bathroom door was wide open, and the light was on. ‘Odd…’ He thought. Then he heard the noise again – it sounded like… moaning?

Oh. Ohhhhhh.

Deep down, Gwilym knew he shouldn’t pry, but… He /needed/ to know what Rami was up to. It was quite clear he was masturbating, but Gwil’s curiousity was getting the better of him. He would try not to get caught – just sneek a peak and leave to go do the errands. Just one little peak.

He carefully and quietly made his way near the bathroom, pressing himself against the wall and his heart beating softly in his head. ‘Just take a quick look and go,’ He thought. ‘No longer than a second. Just look, and get out of here.’

Gwil leaned and steathily looked in the bathroom for what he intended to be for just a second, when he saw Rami, sitting on the toilet and rubbing himself through his pants. Wait… Were his pants… /wet/?

He jerked his head back quickly and his heart beat quickened. Wow… ‘What the hell?’ Gwil thought. ‘I didn’t know he was into that kind of thing.’ It was true, Rami had never mentioned anything about a piss kink before to him. Maybe he was embarrassed? Gwil couldn’t blame him if he was.

Truth be told… Gwil was questioning if he had this kink as well. He had been wondering for a while, but was way too shy to look into it. He was afraid Rami would see his search history by mistake and think he was gross for even being /curious/ about it. They had only been dating for a month, and Gwil didn’t think Rami needed to know just how experimental and kinky Gwil could be. Not yet, anyway.

Just then, Gwil’s thoughts were interrupted by the sweet sound of Rami moaning some more.

“Fuck…” Rami whined. “Why does this feel so good…” He sounded as if he were talking to someone, even though he was alone (not technically, but still).

Gwil felt his cock begin to harden. ‘Shit…’ He thought. ‘I can’t… I shouldn’t. This isn’t right, I should just go back to my errands.’ He was about to leave when he heard more moans from the bathroom.

“Gwil…” Rami moaned softly, palming himself and shuddering. “Oh, Gwilym…” He was begging for Gwil, thinking that since he thought he wasn’t around, he wouldn’t hear it so it would be fine. “Oh, fuck me… I’m s-such a bad boy…” His voice hitched a bit at that last sentence, feeling himself starting to come close.

Gwil bit his lip as he became rock hard then and there. Fuck, was Rami irresistible when he begged. He was such a needy sub, it was so hot. Gwilym closed his eyes and tried to get himself to calm down, fearing that he could cum in his pants right there and give himself away.

Just then, Rami omitted another whiny beg. “F-fuck me senseless… Like the dirty boy I am…” He said barely above a whisper.

Gwil unwillingly let out a moan of his own, feeling himself lose control right there and emptying his seed into his underwear. He trembled and tried to keep himself quiet, but it was no use. He definitely gave himself away.

Rami heard the moan from outside the bathroom and felt his blood run cold. ‘Fuck…’ He thought. ‘Fuck fuck FUCK.’ He got up from the toilet and stood outside the bathroom, looking to the left and finding Gwilym against the wall, breathing heavily. Rami felt heart sink at the right.

“G-Gwil…” He said softly. He looked down at his pants and remembered how soaked they were. It did no good at hiding it, but he instictively threw his hands over his crotch anyway, hoping it would at least mask his hard on.

“Rami, I…” Gwilym’s face grew red as he caught his breath, straighten up and shifting uncomfortably in place. “I-I didn’t mean to spy on you, I just…”

“You just what?” Rami asked, a bit of hurt in his voice.

“I-I came in to grab the grocery list and I… I heard you in the bathroom,” Gwil stammered. “I got curious and just wanted to take a peek for a moment and then I was going to leave, but… But then I saw your pants, and I heard you calling for me and I just… Lost control…” He felt deeply ashamed of himself, probably more than Rami did. “I’m sorry…”

It was silent between the two for a moment before Rami spoke again.

“It… It’s okay,” Rami said softly. “I… I kinda like… the idea of you watching me,” he said. “The mystery of it, the helplessness… That’s kinda hot,” he chuckled. “You, uh, you like… piss?” He asked.

“Um… s-sorta?” Gwilym said. “I’m more of an observer, I suppose. I’ve been, er, wanting to look into it for a while now but I thought… I dunno, I thought maybe you’d think I was gross for being into it,” he said and looked away from Rami, blushing.

“Well, I mean…” Rami took his hands away from his crotch, exposing his dick straining against his wet sweatpants. “Does this look like I’m disgusted by it?” Gwil looked over at Rami again and saw his boner, both of them blushing heavily.

“Um… Well to me, it looks like you enjoy it quite well,” Gwilym said, chuckling a bit. Then he got a devious smile on his face. “You like being a dirty boy, don’t you?” He asked.

Rami felt his dick twitch at that, his blush increasing. “Um… Y-yeah,” He said.

“Have you cum yet, darling?” Gwil asked. Rami shook his head. “Well… How about I fix that for you?” Rami bit his bottom lip and began trembling at the thought. “Beg for me,” Gwil said. “Beg for me like you did earlier, slut.”

“P-please…” Rami whined softly, tugging at his wet pants. “Please, Gwilym… Let me c-cum… I-I /need/ you…”

Gwilym smiled and stepped up to Rami, placing his hands on the boy’s soaked crotch and rubbing himself through his pants. Rami moaned instantly and threw his head back, bucking a bit into Gwilym’s hands.

“F-fuck.. ” Rami murmured. “S-so good…”

“Mm, you filthy little boy…” Gwil practically purred in Rami’s ear. “You like pissing your pants like a baby? You get off on it too? That’s disgusting… Lucky for you, I love gross boys like you. Absolutely pitiful, you are…” He nibbled on Rami’s earlobe as he jerked the Egyptian off through his pissed-in pants.

Rami felt himself grow closer and closer to orgasm. Fuck, this was hot. This was everything he wanted, and then some. The degrading dirty talk was such a nice touch, it made everything even more pleasurable.

“I know you’re close, love,” Gwilym whispered, quickening his pace a bit. “Cum for me, my little piss kitten…”

That last part drove Rami over the edge and he threw his head back, moaning loudly and pumping a decent load into his already soaked underwear. He trembled and sighed in satisfaction after his eruption. He leaned forward and buried his face in Gwil’s neck, catching his breath. He looked up at Gwil, his face flushed red. Rami was an absolute mess now – he always was post-orgasm.

“Tha… Thank you…” Rami said. Gwilym smiled and pulled Rami into a kiss (more of a mini-make out) and pulled away after a few moments. Both of them were equally red in the face by now.

“Y-you should get out of those and take a shower,” Gwil said. “Don’t want to get a rash, do you?” Rami shook his head. “I uh… I need to clean myself up too,” Gwil chuckled. “How about you hop in the shower while I go and get the errands done?” Gwil suggested.

Rami pouted a bit, “Okay…” He knew he just came, but he still wanted Gwilym.

“Hey…” Gwil said, lowering his voice, “Don’t think this won’t go unpunished, dear. You still made a mess of yourself… And I think the proper punishment is fucking you until you can’t see straight later tonight. How’s that sound?”

Rami swallowed and blushed. Wow, he was right – Gwil DID make a good dom. He nodded and smiled a bit.

“Good,” Gwilym smiled. “I’m going to change my pants and head out. I’ll see you in a few hours,” he said and kissed the boy before going to his bedroom to change. Rami watched Gwil go to his room, waiting until he closed the door before pumping his fist in the air and silently mouthing ‘YES!’ He went back into the bathroom and got undressed for his shower, anticipating the exciting night ahead of him.

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