Bursting after well-hydrated roadtrip

This is a completely true story that took place just the other day. I was returning home after visiting family for Thanksgiving, a 4-hour drive away. I grabbed one of those big 1.5L water bottles while gassing up just as I was leaving—not with the intent of filling my bladder, but just to stay hydrated for the entire drive.

Well, 3 hours in, the sun was just setting and I had somehow finished the ENTIRE thing. At this point I definitely needed to piss, but truthfully it had been way too long since I had indulged in my kink and I was secretly enjoying it. So I grit my teeth and kept driving.

Half an hour later, I was off the highway. Nowhere left to pull off and pee. There were houses everywhere now; no cover; and it was dark and unsafe to pull over. Plus, my bladder was really aching now. I actually started to panic. I was driving a new car… I really didn’t want to make a mess of my seat. But, I told myself, I really do have a bladder of steel. I’m half an hour away. This is no problem.

Just to be safe, I grabbed my hoodie from the passenger seat that I had removed earlier. I balled it up, and wedged it underneath me, between my legs. The added pressure against the weakening floodgates did help to take the edge off, plus it gave me some reassurance that if I did leak, it would protect my seat. I felt myself starting to full-on sweat, and I was fidgeting and trembling as my bladder throbbed painfully. I could feel my piss right at the opening of my urethra now—it had started to force its way from my bladder against my best efforts.

To help my motivation, I punched in my destination onto my phone in Google Maps so that I could track how much time I had left to hold, because I was seriously starting to doubt my ability to make it. I really did not know if I would make it home without having an accident.

Twenty minutes… oh my god I have never needed to pee this badly. I started wondering if I should leak a little bit. Would that help provide some temporary relief? My hoodie was in place to absorb any leakage… fuck, if I do, it may be impossible to stop the flow. So I made myself a deal. When the clock is down to the single digits—with 9 minutes left to my destination—I would let myself leak. My groin tingled at the thought.

12 minutes… I was shocked and relieved that I was somehow still hanging on. I unbuttoned my jeans and pressed my hand firmly inside my underwear to help keep the flood at bay. But, I was slippery and hard, and so it was hard to apply any pressure without sliding around.

9 minutes… I made it! I met my goal… however, now I was riding off of the triumph and thrill and wanted to see if I could make it all the way without getting wet. I figured, the more desperate I am at the time of my eventual release, the sweeter it will be.

5 minutes… a slow trickle escaped into my boxer briefs against my greatest efforts. But I managed to clamp down and stop the flow and accelerated a bit on the gas.

2 minutes… Holy shit, I’m starting to feel light-headed, that’s how much effort my muscles are requiring just to keep my damn pants dry. But I’m on my street now. I can totally do this! I unlock my driver’s side door now, because time will be of the essence when I arrive.

I pull into the parking lot of my apartment building, kill the ignition And gingerly pull myself out of my seat. My bladder is so swollen I’m sure it’s visible. I realize my jeans are still undone, so I just hold my hoodie in front of my crotch as I make my way up the stairs to my apartment. I leak more pee into pants as I walk. But oh thank fuck, I made it home. Don’t even worry about the leaks!

After what seemed like an eternity, I deadbolted my apartment door behind me and flicked on the lights. I walk down my hall and once again, I find myself leaking piss in my boxer briefs even though all of my muscles are clenched. I stop the flow yet again, and feeling devious, I grabbed an armful of towels and laid them quickly and haphazardly onto the bed. I pulled my jeans and underwear down to my knees, and noticed a large wet spot across the crotch of my underwear, though my jeans remained dry.

I kicked my wet boxer briefs onto the floor and climbed onto my bed and started stimulating my mini-dick. In no time at all, I felt my climax mounting. I came. Hard. With each contraction, I felt pee leak from my lips. As my contractions slowed, I suddenly began squirting piss at full-force. This was the end. My bladder had reached its limit and given way.

I pressed against my pee hole to hold back the torrent, grazing my sensitive t-dick as I did so, as it was standing full-mast. My flow managed to slow to a gentle trickle, but I still could not stop the flow from coming. Piss was just pouring out of me. It started squirting hard once again, and I felt the wet torrent gush past my fingers. My stream arced into the air and hit my floor at the foot of my bed. Oops….

I laid there, overwhelmed with relief, peeing in my bed for probably two solid minutes. I started getting very worried that my towels would soak through, so I eased myself out of bed and peed still some more down my legs and feet and onto the wooden floor.

After a heap of laundry and cleaning, I had to lie down and recover for the rest of the night. The relief was too good. I had never pissed like that in my entire life. Even now when I think back to seeing and feeling the piss just rushing out of me, and dribbling into my underwear, I get really turned on. I think I should try and make this sort of thing happen again sometime.

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  1. Mmm you should do it at night waterproof the bed throw some towels on bed have a full bladder and pee yourself to sleep after rubbing yourself off on them sxx

  2. Instead of water try caffeine drinks or get someone else to drive and have some alcoholic beverages and do same bet you don’t hold on or out as long.

    Great story

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