Bullying incident

Back at secondary school in my teen years I was bullied by a boy called Alex however although he used to tease me and do nasty things to me it never deeply bothered me because I actually thought he was hot and I actually secretly fancied him haha anyway my first incident with him was in the toilets I was having wee in the urinal when in walked Alex and his friend, the other urinals were in use so him and his friend crept up behind me one of them pulled my trousers down and the other pulled me backwards from the urinal, whilst I was mid pee and I stumbled backwards whilst still peeing and I’d accidentally peed on Alex’s trousers whilst stumbling and he said “you little ba@*^rd” as I was trying to pull my underwear and trousers up Alex’s friend pushed me into the corner next to the urinal and Alex then peed on me as revenge saying that’s what you get for pissing on me and laughed and made fun of me, I kept saying I’m sorry I’m sorry, I remember looking towards his crotch as he peed all over me whilst I was struggling to escape

After he left I locked myself in a toilet cubicle and took my trousers and jumper off, I remember even my underwear was wet with his pee! Luckily it was a P.E day and I got changed into the trousers of my P.E kit but I continued to wear the pee soaked uniform jumper
When I got home I got my uniform out of my bag and put it on the radiator in my bedroom and I remember the warm pee smell filling the room I had dried my uniform out and wore it the next day but it stank
When I went to bed that night sleeping in a bedroom that smelled of pee I couldn’t stop thinking about Alex he actually was a good looking boy and I fantasised about him peeing on me again and me being his bitch ( wierd I know)

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  1. not weird at all me and a friend used to pee in each others mouths at age 9 in my tree house,, very fond memories

  2. I went to school with a girl that always smelt like pee. The other students made fun of her and bullied her but I secretly liked the way she smelt. One day after school I went to her house and was amazed how strong her room smelt of pee. Other students that had been in her room thought it smelt disgusting but to me it was great.

    When she got changed she left her cloths on the floor and her panties had rather obvious pee, pussy and butt stains. Later when she went to do some chores I smelt them and was amazed at how fantastic they smelt. They excited me so much I took them even though I knew she was probably going to know. I had also discovered the joys of peeing my pants so we had quite a lot in common

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