Bullies Make Me Poop My Pants (continued)

Chapter 2
Friday came slower than any one before. I spent the week filled with both fear and curiosity, not to mention quite a lot of poop that I was told to hold in. I figured it best to follow his commands since he hadn’t been telling the whole school about me yet; the nerd who crapped his pants.

Friday afternoon after my final class, I hopped the fence while holding back a huge load once again, and returned to the scene of my prior accident and humiliation. Waiting for me were the three boys, and a neatly folded, thick white diaper sitting on the bench where I sat in my own mess on Tuesday.

“Whaddup queer” proclaimed Kyle when he saw me walking up. “You see we got you something for today. Since you can’t hold in your piss and shit like a little baby, we are putting your ass in a diaper.”

I started getting a bit hard in anticipation of wearing this humiliating diaper in front of them. “Should I put it on?” I asked.

“Not yet” Kyle said. Who’s going first?

“Me first I’m dying here” replied Dylan quickly.

I didn’t understand at first. Kyle unfolded the diaper and laid it out. Dylan walked up and lowered his shorts. Then he lowered his boxers. I could see his balls hanging through his legs as he squatted over the diaper. Seconds later, a massive log emerged. He hovered about a foot over the diaper as it lengthened and made contact with, then fell into the white padding of the diaper. Was I gonna have to wear it with all that poop already inside? As I pondered the thought, a second log pushed its way into the diaper, a bit softer, and coiled on top of the first huge log. The diaper was already quite used. Dylan then turned and began pissing, struggling to point his growing cock at the front of the diaper. His pee continued soaking into the diaper for about 30 seconds, then he backed away. By now the smell of Dylan’s shit was in the air. All the while, I was letting my own stinky farts out, trying to hold back the load that would inevitably end up in the diaper.

Jake stepped up and followed suit, depositing another large load of crap into the diaper. His came all at once and once it hit the pile that Dylan had created, it spread outwards. The two loads were distinguishable by their slightly different colors. He then continued with peeing on the front side, soaking it even more. By now it was quite yellow and looked quite heavy as well. Finally Kyle stepped up. He lowered his pants and let out a massive fart, followed by one of the thickest logs I have ever seen. It pushed into Dylan and Jake’s messes and pushed them out of the way to make room. The pile was tall already and was now expanding across the back of the diaper. He finished, pulled up his pants, and stepped back.

“You’re not gonna pee?” Dylan asked.

“I’m saving it.” Kyle replied. Put it on now nerd.

“You can’t be serious” I uttered, although I secretly wanted to wear it.

“I kept your secret, do you want it to stay that way”

Stern. I kinda liked it.

“Put it on now!” Kyle snapped.

I walked over to the smelly mound, while undoing my shorts. I stopped in front of the bench and let my shorts fall, then pulled my boxer briefs down exposing my throbbing rod. I lifted the diaper and put it up to my ass and balls. The messes were fresh and they radiated warmth as soon as they made contact with my skin. I pulled the upper tab across the front and fastened it down, feeling the boys’ loads mushing against my ass and taint all the while.

“Looks like he knows what to do! What a baby!” exclaimed Jake.

“Seems to be enjoying it too.” Said Kyle commenting on the status of my now fully erect dick.

I fastened the other tabs down, then let the diaper sag, finally feeling the impressive weight of the three loads, while being encompassed with warmth from all the pee in the front. At this time my need to shit was back, and screaming at my rectum for relief. I would just have let it out if it wasn’t for my fear of the thing overflowing, or just breaking completely under the weight of the my load added to the weight of the three young man loads already mushed up inside.

“You are staying with me this weekend, my parents are out of town. Let’s go were taking the bus.” Kyle said while Dylan and Jake quietly snickered, anticipating the further humiliation I was about to endure.

“You’re gonna make me get on a bus like this? It smells so bad and it’s so thick, everyone will know!” I pleaded desperately.

“That’s the point dumbass. You need to be humiliated. Maybe then you’ll stop shitting and pissing all over your pants.”

Defeated, I pulled up my underwear and shorts and began walking to the bus stop with the boys behind me snickering and talking about how gross and sad I was, a junior in high school walking around in an overly soiled diaper. According to Kyle the bulge was obvious, and according to Dylan the smell was even more obvious. He was right, I could smell myself and it smelled bad. There was a bathroom on the first floor of a relatively empty building at school where “bad kids” would hang out and the toilets would never get flushed or cleaned. I smelled like that bathroom, which wasn’t surprising since this was a frequent hangout for Kyle, Jake, and Dylan. I smelled like a combination of their unflushed turds.

The bus came down the street just as we reached the stop, so there wasn’t much waiting time. The doors swung open and I stepped aboard. The three boys stayed back as if they didn’t know me, understandably so. I showed the middle-aged man my student ID. He ushered me along while crinkling his nose, apparently catching a whiff of what I had concealed behind me. There was two other people on the bus that appeared to be younger students, and as I took my seat I heard one of them say to the other “It smells like the bathroom in building 8 dude. The other one whispered back, but I could still make out the words: “I think the kid that just got on shit his pants.“

The kid wasn’t exactly right. I hadn’t shit myself yet. Sitting down was helping ensure that. What he was right about is that there was shit in my pants and the smell of it was permeating the air. Anyone with a brain knew it was coming from me. I was so embarrassed that these two freshmen boys saw and smelled me like this. Hopefully I wouldn’t run into them again after this.

Kyle plopped in the seat next to me. By now, sitting down had caused the mess to spread wildly, and I could feel warm shit encompassing my balls and the base of my dick. I shifted in my seat so Kyle could fit and I felt the mass of poop move further up my shaft, making my cock leak precum into the front of the diaper. I was in danger of orgasming if the load moved up to the tip. The shit would lubricate my cock and surely cause me to explode helplessly into my diaper. So I tried staying as still as possible. It didn’t last very long. Once the bus was moving, Kyle grabbed my hand and put it on the inside of his thigh.

“We’re on a bus Kyle.” I said

“I don’t care do your fucking job” he whispered back angrily.

I moved my hand up to the bulge in his pants and began rubbing. Meanwhile, the poop in my diaper inched closer to the tip of my dripping cock. I kept giving the over the pants hand job for a few minutes, when Kyle started poking at my diaper. It caused the poop to surround the tip of my dick, pushing me to the edge of orgasm.

“Kyle no!” I said in my best hushed voice. I leaned over in an attempt to stop it from spreading more but it was too late. The tip of my dick was in the warm brown mess and it felt too good. I was still leaned over, my face in Kyles crotch, the smell of his sweaty unwashed cock mixing with the persistent smell of the three loads of poop. I started cumming full force into the filthy stinking diaper

“What are you doing, fag?” Kyle asked quietly.

“I-I-I’m gonna c-c-c, ughh I’m cumming!” I stammered through waves of cum shooting into my diaper

“What the fuck?” Kyle exclaimed.

“I-I’m sorry” I stammered through my still subsiding orgasm.

“I cum first, thats the rule. You’ll pay for that when we get to my place” he said as Dylan pulled the chord for us to get off the bus.


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