Bullies Make Me Poop My Pants (and more)

“You will have a report due on the…” My teacher finished her sentence but all I could focus on was going home. Although school wasn’t over, I was part of junior and senior privilege (being a junior) so we got to leave a block or two free and end early. Today I had holding back a load all day in hopes of having fun when I got home, but I was already in desperate need and it seemed like this class would never end.
Finally the bell rung and I made my quick exit out the back door. Clenching my cheeks to keep from letting it out, I climbed over the fence in the back (the gate wasn’t open yet) and made my way to the cut through to go home. In the path stood Kyle, the senior bully and his two friends Jake and Dylan, who never left his side. I tried to rush past, but he noticed me before I got to them and yelled “where do you think you’re going fag? By this point I really had to go and I just wanted to get to a bathroom. I didn’t answer. I walked up and he stepped in front of me. I tried to go around and he pushed me back.
“I really have to go to the bathroom please Kyle”
“Who’s stopping you?
“You are! Fuck off! I yelled”
He shoved me back, hard. I came crashing to the ground and I couldn’t stop a little hard poop from escaping out in my briefs. I tried to get up and Dylan pushed me back down. I was about to explode. I had to get away or I was gonna shit my pants in front of them.
Kyle yanked me back up and I felt a tiny bit more escape. I tried to turn and run but Jake tripped me. That was it. I lost the battle and the entire two day load I was holding in came rushing out in my briefs and jeans. The hard poop pushed out a sizeable lump in my pants and the softer poop behind filled in every crevice left. The weight of it made it sag from its exit point down to the base of my balls.
I heard both Jake and Dylan cracking up while Kyle stood over me. I was trying to figure out what to do next. I didn’t even realized I started peeing as I always do when I poop. I was wet in the front and I had a huge load in the back and they all saw it happen. I rolled over and lay there in defeat. I noticed Kyle taking pictures of me while he loudly complained about the smell I had produced.
There was no time for me to ask why because he snatched me back up. I was now standing there stinking up the air in front of these three bullies. I had quite the hard on too. I knew I liked pooping my pants but I had never imagined a predicament such as this, and it was really turning me on.
After the boys got their laughs and jokes out, Kyle turned to me and said “how’s it feel? You don’t seem like you mind it, huh” referencing my raging hard on.
“Stand over here while we talk for a sec. He motioned for me to stand by the cement bench that was along the path. And if you go anywhere, I’m sending the whole school those pictures I took”
I waited for what seemed like forever. The pee on my jeans had gotten cold, and I stunk horribly. Finally they walked back over.
“Sit” Kyle commanded.
“Sit, you heard me”
I didn’t want those pictures being shown so I obeyed. The poop went everywhere. It pushed around my balls and up to the base of my now dripping cock. Biting my tongue was all I could do to stop from blowing a load in the front of my pants too.
He yanked me back up and pushed me into the wall, pressing his body against mine. His face was inches from mine, and he breathed heavily. Although it was threatening, it made me drip more. The scent of my poop and urine mixed with the scent of his breath swirled in the air. He pushed me into the wall harder with his body. The poop kept mushing in different directions, pushing its warmth up and around my balls and up my crack. Something was pushing into my dick too, it had to be Kyle’s dick. It was too much for me to handle, and right as he backed away as I sank to my knees, I came uncontrollably into my jeans.
It was obvious. It was so intense I couldn’t help but shudder and let out muffled sounds of pleasure and relief. It went on for thirty seconds. Each wave of cum shot into my denim jeans and showed clearly through them against the outline of my cock. Jake and Dylan laughed harder. Kyle was more serious, and I was now aware that he was hard too. He clearly enjoyed something about this.
“You like that don’t you fag. You’re gonna love what we decided to do with you next.” said Kyle.
The other two boys moved closer as Kyle started to unzip his pants. He flopped out his erect cock, and I have to say it was nice. Dylan and Jake got theirs out, both of which were becoming semi-hard now as well. Then I realized what they were doing as I felt the first drop of Kyle’s warm pee hit my pants. Seconds later, the cold wet spot from my accident was warm again with Kyle’s pee. Then Dylan and Jake both started. It seemed like Kyle aimed for my crotch area, but the other two were much more liberal, spraying some of their hot liquid up into my face. I was getting hard again.
“Open your mouth.”
I knew what that simple command meant. I grabbed Kyle’s monster dick in my hand and pointed it at my face. A tiny finishing spurt of pee came out at me and then I started sucking it. Dylan and Jake stroked theirs to either side.
Give my friends some too bitch, I’m not greedy.”
I took Jake’s into my mouth. It was easier to manage, and already tasted of pre-cum. The smell of my massive load of shit still permeated the air, turning me on even more. I turned to Dylan, and in no more than two minutes he shot his load down my throat. I turned back to Jake to finish him off, the whole time with Kyle pushing his dripping dick against my face. In a few more minutes, I felt Jake shudder, and he unloaded in my mouth as well. I pulled his dick out of my mouth and watched it drip for a second more, and then turned to Kyle. Just as I turned to him, I heard him groan loudly, and he started shooting his load all over my face. I just sat there and took it. I did enjoy most of it, but I was concerned about those photos he had taken, so I allowed him to cover my face in his hot jizz. After he finished, the boys conversed privately again. I took the opportunity to wipe off my face.
“Since you loved it so much today, well see you back here on Friday. Don’t poop until then. If I find out you pooped in the toilet before then or if you don’t show up, the pictures are going to everyone. Got it?”
He didn’t wait for an answer. They rushed away and I was left sitting there in my messy state. It was only Tuesday. I had to hold my poop for three days and then they were gonna do it again? I was both scared and excited, my cock telling me different than my brain. I rushed home and got off one more time in my destroyed pants before cleaning up, wondering what Friday could possibly entail.

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  1. Similar thing happened to me by a guy who I knew really fancied me yet his way of showing it or not showing it was to beat me up and very soon he realised that I would need to go to the toilet at some point in the day and so he would wait in the toilets at break time and as soon as I came through the door he began throwing me around and giving me punches in the stomach and he’s actually made me crap in my underpants more times than I can remember 💩👖😭🚾🚻

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