Bullies made me poo too

This happened to me when I was in senior school and had only just started my first year and only two weeks in I was sitting down in a biology class and it had just started a two hour lesson and about 15 minutes into the lesson I was overcome with the very strong urge to do a poo and so I asked the teacher if she could excuse me from her class for a few minutes so I could go number 2 to which she immediately said no and that I should’ve gone at break time and knowing that I was partially incontinent and so I thought I would wait a bit and see if she would change her mind but again I was refused to go and by this time I was more than aware that I didn’t have much longer until I would be uncontrollably and rather badly be inevitably shitting in my underpants and I knew it. I think that I knew what I was going to do anytime now and in front of the entire class when all of a sudden I had one last try at getting her to let me leave her class with my dignity still in tact but as punishment for asking her again she then made me stand up at the front of the class with my back towards the class where they all had a really good view of my backside as my trousers began to bulge out in the back at which point the class erupted with laughter at what they had just watched me do in my underpants and was still doing at the time and I didn’t have the courage to turn round and face them so I just stood there crying my eyes out with total utter humiliation and even then she wouldn’t allow me to waddle out of the classroom crying with my underpants now completely filled with shit and I didn’t even realise that I’d also begun wetting myself until it was half way down my trouser legs and on to the floor and I just stood there in the ever growing puddle almost frozen to the spot until the headmaster came in by chance and immediately made a comment about my smell and how he should have me sit outside his office until the end of the day when he phoned my mum to pick me up and this wasn’t for nearly three hours during this time I had to sit down and shit in my underpants for the second time and by the time my mum had arrived to collect me he had already warned her about my current situation but he hadn’t yet realised that I had to peel myself off the seat at this point he could see the real damage as I had to waddle very slowly out of the school grounds with my mum giving me a good bit of grief as if I wasn’t already more than embarrassed after having spent the last three hours trying not to let everyone see me crying again as they all had something to say about it and you can guess the sorts of things that I was called and this went on for weeks afterwards and they weren’t going to go easy on me or let me forget it anytime soon that was for sure. The only thing is that I was really small and a target for a few of my bullies who were making my life hell anyway but one of them in particular was made aware of the fact that if he began to beat me up then I would most likely to have shit myself by the end of the beating and he took full advantage of this fact and he started waiting for me in the toilets at break time and then he had me where he wanted and I was repeatedly beaten up in the toilets and each time as he had planned and I had no choice in the matter I had crapped in my underpants out of fear, usually the fear of knowing what was going to happen before it had made things far worse and I actually started pissing and shitting myself without anyone having actually done anything to me at least physically anyway but I’m still no different whatsoever and I have to say that I still piss and shit myself whenever I am going to be beaten up which isn’t as often as back then but I can say that I definitely get attacked far more than anyone else I know but it’s gotten to the point where I honestly don’t care about it anymore, not even in the slightest.

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  1. That’s rough, know those days., when your little loads are adult size in kid sized pa ts. That happens to me a few times and the bulge was outrageous not to mention I fill the front of my pants too of course then I’d have to just makes things awful to have to sit in and have pee and poop run if down your pant legs. I rem member when I had aaccisents I’d try to position my self so at least everything stayed in my briefs then be afraid to even take a step.

  2. Yeah I’m actually in the process of learning to walk properly with a full load in my underpants. I thought that it would be easy but I have found that it is going to get some used to doing all the time and I have made the decision to conduct a socialogical experiment with me not using the toilet even once during this time and I will also not allowing myself any nappies or protective underwear of any kind instead I will be using a fecal collector and being as how I’ve never used them before I think it will be extra difficult to walk properly but I have made this decision after a whole lot of thinking and I am definitely going to go ahead with the experiment. If as I suspect at the end of the month that I no longer wish to be medically incontinent then I will take the necessary steps to ensure that I will no longer be physically capable of using the toilet ever again and the reason why I am doing this is a long story but I will be comfortable telling the story very soon. I’m pretty sure that I won’t reach an audience with not much empathy but I am only looking for 1 friend who I will hopefully be able to make a very strong connection with and with the intention of taking our relationship to another level of intimacy all together.

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