💩 Bubbly Gut 💩

It started that fateful Tuesday morning. I woke up more exhausted than usual and got ready. I had a harder time than normal stuffing myself into my favorite jeans, as I am pretty full-figured. I ate a large breakfast and got ready to go to a work meeting. They provided all sorts of snacks at the meeting and I snacked regardless of my stomach’s protest. Thirty minutes into the meeting my stomach started to gurgle and bubble and I rubbed it.

I could feel a few farts brewing but held them in, not wanting to disrupt the meeting. My stomach gurgled loudly as the meeting ended but I ignored it heading to dominoes for lunch. I ate pizza, bread, and drank almost two liters of coke, causing desperation to grow.

As I made my way down the street I rubbed my sloshy stomach, letting out a few wet farts. I knew soon I would be needing a bathroom and preferably the one at home. But I had a bit more shopping so I set out to target. My stomach still making loud wet rumbling noises as I entered. I rubbed my butt willing myself to make it home so I could poop myself there.

We very wet fart forced its way into my hand as I rubbed my large butt. I held my stomach and went to the makeup Ilse looking for foundation and mascara.

My very gassy gut was now warning me to get home soon, and my bladder was agreeing. I now needed to pee and poop and very quickly.

I walked slowly to the checkouts, wet farts slipping out into my underwear. A large gassy cramp it and I doubled over, moaning softly.

I got to the checkouts and nervously waited to scan my item cramps firing back at me. Without realizing it a small wet patch began to form in my pants, as i anxiously held my stomach. I blushed nervously asking for the bathrooms when I finished checking out. I quickly made my way to the back of the store wetting myself with each step. There was already a line and i stood nervously, trying to hide the fact a puddle of pee was forming below me. Although it was quite evident everyone noticed, my farting grabbing their attention. I left the queue and nervously made my way to the car still farting.

But before I could exit the store a very loud bubbling noise hit my stomach, and soft poop was gurgling into my underwear. I was farting very loudly, as my pants inflated. It was warm, wet, and smelled like the worst poop you could imagine. The poop overflowed and poured down my legs, wet and runny.

I hung my head down as I walked through the store, this being the first accident i had. There was something thrilling about filling my underwear near people that I’d come to love. Although at the moment it was terrifying.

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  1. It is lovely when you accept that you are going to poop your pants and start to enjoy it.I love to fill my panties after work as I drive home.The feeling as you squirm in your seat and feel soft warm poop spreading everywhere,makes every bump and corner feel so good as you slip over your poop and feel it slip over your pussy.I sometimes orgasm without touching with my fingers.

  2. Have you ever thought about purposefully eating foods that make you have to go poop for a few days in a row, then going out somewhere public and having an accident? I’ve never done this, but I’ve heard stories of people who do and seen pictures.

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