Brunch buffet disaster

For as long as I can remember I would always get turned on when I had diarrhea. I’ve even masturbated more than a few times while listening to another women have diarrhea in the stall next to me but I’ve never taken it any further, that is up until about a year ago when I had a pretty messy accident. I went to a brunch buffet at a new restaurant that just opened. They had a wide variety of foods and let’s just say I over indulged a little. I noticed the seafood tasted a little off but I just ignored and kept eating, big mistake. A few hours pass and I’m at the mall shopping when my stomach starts making some loud noises and cramping. I headed to the bathroom sat on the toilet and pushed. Nothing but a few loud juicy farts erupted from my ass. After that I felt fine so I headed back shopping. About 1 hour later I’m in a change room trying on a pair of white booty shorts thinking my butt looks dam good in these when the cramps come back. This time they’re twice as strong, so thinking it’s just gas again I push but boy was I wrong. Diarrhea fills my panties front and back spilling out the sides and turning the shorts brown. I’m just standing there crying, farting and shitting, diarrhea running down my legs and pooling on the floor. A female employee hears me and asks what’s wrong. I tell her I’m so sorry I think I got food poisoning and just had a very embarrassing accident. She says it happens to the best of us and wants to help so I let her in and she takes me into the the staff bathroom to clean up. I feel a bit better as she comforts me and I clean myself up. I get dressed and head to my car. On the drive home I was feeling very horny so I shit myself again pulled over and masturbated and shit some more. I felt pretty sick for a couple days and I vomited alot but that didn’t stop me from having some fun.

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  1. I love diarrhea as it spread all over and feels so nice and smooth and warm.I always masturbate when I poop my panties as it is too good to miss.Happy pooping.

  2. That is sexy as fuck, me and gf are heavily into everything piss and scat and diarrhea is always a nice change in pace bc of its diferent texture and also unique taste, and its fun to be able to drink shit instead of usual way of chewing it up, I bet u will one day get brave enough to shit your pants in public and once u do u will be hooked bc its a rush.

  3. ohhh wow I wish I was with you, Id pull out my cock and masturbate with you. to your shit… maybe you could suck me or hand job me till I cum while your shitting mmmm sound nice ???

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