Brothers in shit : Part 1

« Well, you can’t go on holding it forever ! » said my elder brother impatiently. « Just do it here ! Now ! »
We had set out to spend a long weekend walking the largely uninhabited coast out of season and were well into our second day. Sunny with a pleasant breeze.
« There’s nobody about. » he continued, and stopped in his tracks to turn back towards me – a look of exasperation on his face.
« Yes, but you’re here. That’s somebody.» I mumbled.
« I’m your brother. We grew up together. Remember ? I know what you’ve got hanging there if that’s what’s bothering you. We used to wank together and……»
« Yeah, yeah, ok ……………….. just walk on and I’ll catch you up. » He shrugged and continued along the narrow coastline path.
I didn’t really know why I felt so embarrassed. True, I’d never taken a shit when my brother had been around, but we had wanked and fucked together before we became adults with our own partners.
I slipped out of my shorts and and boxer briefs before squatting beside the huge boulder that obscured me from my brother’s view. I’d been desperate to shit but now I had to work hard to get it out. Grunting and straining, I felt my arse muscles begining to cooperate and the tip of ………
I groaned. This was going to hurt. Must be dehydrated, I thought unhappily.
The decision was made that a moment of intense pain was better than dragging the whole thing out – if you know what I mean….. One great push, a yell from me and out shot a hard, fat, long, almost black log which hit the ground at speed. I relaxed and began to piss, and piss, and piss.
Suddenly, my brother was in front of me looking anxious. « You ok bro ? »
I looked up at him with tears in my eyes but laughing too, stopped pissing and stood up. He looked down at what I’d produced, scratched his head and mumbled,
« I just don’t fucking believe it. »
I put my underwear and shorts back on. No point in wiping, I thought, nothing there…..or so I thought.
A moment to recover, a brotherly arm round my shoulder for a few paces then we marched on towards where we wanted to spend the night.
We selected our spot to pitch our tarp, slung our kit under it and sat to admire the magnificent sunset over the sea. My brother lay on his back, pulled his legs up and let out a long vibrant fart. The stench was as magnificent as the sunset. He winked and let out another equally evil one.
« Hey, just stop that, will you ? » I was saying it out of form, but hoped that he’d continue…….and he knew it, so made another effort to squeeze one out. Again, on his back and his feet up round his shoulders. His shorts were pulled so tightly over his arse that I could see the line of his briefs and then, more erotically, his arsehole push out – but nothing happened.
Another deep breath, a mighty push and he farted………… but here the word ‘sharted’ would be more appropriate. His tightly stretched shorts now revealed a small lump.
« Oh shit ! » he said.
« No doubt about it bro. You have shit your pants ! » I laughed expecting him to laugh too, but he didn’t.
« Come on, » I said, « Take ‘em off and let’s see the damage. »
« Fuck off. You just want to perv my dirty arsehole, don’t you ? »
For a moment, I thought I’d protest then, the devil inside me spoke.
« Yes. » I replied with a totally serious face.
He seemed about to protest but then just nodded and undid his belt, slid his shorts and underwear off and we looked. Just a healthy skid mark – which clearly didn’t date from a minute ago – but a tiny bit of new shit.
« Let’s see your hole. » I said – too eagerly for my brother who scowled at me but turned round, bent down and parted the cheeks of his arse crack. There, nestled happily between his sweaty arsehole and his balls was a small, but well shaped turd. I took a closer look and, before my brother could react, I picked it out of it’s hairy home and took a sniff of it.
In an instant my brother had turned round to face me.
« You are just one dirty little fucker ! » he yelled.
I was so taken aback that I dropped the precious log and, to my dismay it just shot off down the steep slope and over the cliff. I turned back to my brother who had a satisfied grin on his face. I was not best pleased.
It was getting chilly so we ate, pissed over the cliff together – crossing our piss streams like kids – zipped our sleeping bags together for warmth, stripped off and settled down for the night.
As soon as I heard the regular breathing of my brother I was sure he was asleep. He lay with his back to me. And yes, he was right, I AM ‘a dirty little fucker ‘.
As quietly as I could, I reached out for his briefs and put them to my nose. He must have been wearing them for days, I thought. The smell of piss was strong but there was no doubt that he’d also cum in them. The back where his sweaty arse rubbed against them was enough to set going a fountain of precum from me. My cock was painfully hard but I didn’t want to get caught wanking by my brother. He’d just tease me for the rest of the day about it – as if he didn’t wank too !
I became aware of my brother’s body backing slowly up to mine. I froze in mid sniff. Then, « If you want my shit then get stuck in bro. It’s been a long time….. »
I didn’t need a second bidding. I lined my cock up to his dirty hole. I needed no lube with the mass of precum I was churning out. Gently I pushed my way in to sighs of pleasure from my brother. He hadn’t forgotten how to handle his arse muscles – even if he did consider himself straight.
WIth my hand round his dick and pumping my own cock in and out of his dirty shit chute we didn’t take long to blow our loads. Still with my softening cock in him, we drifted off to sleep. I knew that I was going to be carrying his dirty stink around with my for the last day of our trek – on my cock.
But this isn’t the end of the story………… by a long chalk………….

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  2. a hot story. I know this isn’t the right forum for it, but I’d love to hear how you two started wanking and fucking.

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