British Rail, Southern Region, Mid Kent Line To Hayes

The title itself dates this story. The year is about 1966.
In the evenings the trains were packed and passengers were crammed into compartments that, were intended for twelve people, six either side on long bench seats.

I arrived just in time and shoved my way into a compartment and managed to shut the door before the train pulled out. I was out of breath from running for the train and never really looked around a lot before Lewisham. There were a couple of other lads like me who must have been about twenty but the remainder of passengers, male and female were much older. The young lad who was seated on my left I recognised as being a regular passenger travelling from my station at Eden Park. He noticed me and we smiled. He was cute. Two stops on I saw he was not comfortable and had an Evening News on his lap. It was open but he was not reading it. I knew his problem and it was making me horny , so very horny. I managed to change my erection from the horizontal to the vertical downward and somehow I managed to keep it that way.

There were two stations to go when I saw the wet stain showing through the paper. The photo of the featured actor was becoming very wet. I shot my load into my white trunks and my semen trickled down my left leg. I got a seat for the ride to our station, right next to him.

I stood and told him to leave the train first. I was hiding his soaking wet bottom. Glancing back it was soaked where he had sat. He turned to me on the platform, gave me a smile and thanked me for covering him.
No trouble I told him and told him I’d wet myself a few times at school and college. I told him he had made me very sticky and he said it was a shame to have done it that way. We were on the way to friendship.

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  1. Yes, trains without toilets are a great place to see desperation and wetting especially late at night when guys have been drinking beers all evening.

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