Brett and Jake (part 2)

(the door burst open, and there stood Jake).

Jake didn’t take two steps before he noticed his friend’s situation. He froze, an astonished and somewhat disgusted look upon his face. There was no hiding it, Brett figured. He couldn’t play it off as an accident, because it truly did not look like one. Brett was standing, in the middle of the dormitory, legs spread, hands grasping his penis from the outside of his now soaked jeans, and a massive puddle surrounded him. There was no evidence whatsoever of a failed attempt at running to the bathroom for an emergency, it was all perfectly in one spot. Brett wasn’t sure what to say, though he did eventually speak up in his own defense. “…I thought you were gonna be gone overnight man, I…I don’t know what to say.” Jake was still taken aback, but was more curious as to why Brett did it. “You wet your pants”, Jake said plainly. “…yeah. Yeah I did,” Brett answered, looking embarrassed. Jake stepped into the room and closed the door. “You did it on purpose, didn’t you?” he asked. Brett looked down at his feet. “Yes.” Instead of blowing up and yelling like Brett had expected him to, the conversation took a turn for the better. Jake tilted his head and stared at Brett’s sopping Levi’s. “Well, did it feel good?” Brett hadn’t planned on admitting this to anybody, but since Jake asked, he figured it would be okay. “Actually, it did”, he answered. “I don’t know, I was skeptical about it at first, but once I let it all go and relaxed it felt so amazing. I felt so liberated and my legs felt so good with the pee running down them.” Jake smiled at this description. “That sounds pretty sweet” he replied. And nobody could have prepared Brett for what would happen next. Jake stared deep into Brett’s eyes and smiled, but not a happy smile. More of a devilish one, like he was up to something. Brett was confused at this, not sure if Jake really accepted him or not after this. Pretty soon, a soft hissing sound could be heard, and Brett’s eyes grew wide as he followed the sound to Jake’s pants. He realized quickly that Jake was peeing in them, and it was no accident. He must have had to go a lot, Brett thought, because his pants became soaking wet very quickly and a large amount of it ended up on the floor. The hissing continued for about 30 seconds until it came to a sudden halt. Jake felt his pants and grinned at Brett. “You’re right”, he proudly stated, “that felt amazing”. With that, he announced that he was going to shower off for bed, and without any further explanation, went downstairs to shower. Brett laughed to himself shortly after Jake left, realizing that everybody would see Jake’s clearly wet pants. Brett wanted to shower as well, but didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of his schoolmates, so he quickly changed into a pair of blue basketball shorts. They were a bit snug on him, but he figured it would be alright as he would just be wearing them downstairs and then hopping in the shower. Brett grabbed a towel, and ran down two flights of stairs to the showers. The only thing he disliked about the dormitory showers was that there was only one single bathroom, because their dorm building was rather small and the other sets of bathrooms were on a different floor. Brett turned on the shower, and felt the water to test it. Right when he was about to get in, his stomach got a cramp, letting him know he needed to use that bathroom. He headed over to the single bathroom and turned the knob. It was locked. “Shit.” Brett thought. “I really gotta go.” He calmed himself down and waited patiently outside the door. He tried to think about other things, but the urge was only getting stronger. Soon he began squirming, like a little kid doing the potty dance. He crossed his legs and squeezed his butt cheeks together, but it did nothing to relieve the pressure. Out of frustration, Brett knocked on the door. “Could you hurry up in there? I really have to go.” he said impatiently. Nobody answered. He could no longer go to the other bathrooms, he wouldn’t make it there in time. “I wanted  to pee my pants, I’m not interested in doing anything else in them.” He thought to himself, angrily. He reached his hands back and held his bottom to hold on longer, but to no avail. It was no longer a matter of when, it was a matter of where. He came to the slow realization that his poo would either be made on the floor or into his pants. The toilet was not feasible, for whoever was inside there was not coming out. He contemplated whether to go on the floor or in his pants. Brett felt humiliated, a grown man deciding whether to poop on the floor or in his underpants. But it was going to happen in a few seconds, whether he liked it or not. Brett, sighed deciding in his pants would be less embarrassing, as he might be able to cover it up, whereas on the floor everyone would see it. He stopped struggling, and squatted down a bit. It didn’t take much, since he was completely desperate. He felt the first log come out, tenting out the back of his pants. But he wasn’t done there. He kept pushing, and a massive amount of poo came into his pants, forming a large lump in the seat of his pants. Finally, Brett finished with one final push and stood up straight. He couldn’t believe that he had just filled his pants. His blue basketball shorts had a noticeable bulge in the back that hung low like a dirty diaper, and he knew it was very obvious. One the one hand, he was embarrassed, but on the other hand, he enjoyed the sensation somehow. His mess felt so warm and wonderful in his pants, and he couldn’t wait to sit in it. He waddled upstairs to his dorm room, pants squishing with every step.


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I’m really better with pee stories, I’m not so good about these kind even thought I love reading them. The descriptions are lacking, let me know what u would want more of in the next story. 

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  1. love hearing and seeing a handsome young man poop his pants. Cant wait to read the follow up to this

  2. Just wright it anyway u want. It’s yr story, well maybe not yrs, but u know what I mean. You obviously had some ideas or the other guy in the stall would have answered right? Now I’m curious where u were headed. Please finish yr thought or at least continue it along. It’s good. Not everyone is into mess as much as piss but its just a story after all right? haha

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