Brett and Jake (part 1)

It all began one cold winter night, in the middle of December. Brett Larson had just turned 18, and had started his first year of college in the fall. Though initially he would have preferred to live alone, Brett had grown accustomed to his roommate, Jake. They almost never hung out together, as they had almost nothing in common. Brett was a quiet, studious man, while it seemed Jake was only at school for the parties. The conversation was always courteous an polite between the two, but they had never discussed any personal matters with each other, and tried to give each other privacy by keeping their distance. It was about 8:00pm on this particular night, and Jake had gone out to a party, telling Brett he probably wouldn�t return till morning. With that, he was gone, leaving Brett to his 10 page essay he had dreaded starting. A blank Word document stared him in the face, but nothing was coming to his mind. �10 pages?� he thought, �How am I supposed to come up with 10 pages of bullshit if I can�t even begin?�. Perhaps a snack would help. He grabbed a bag of chips to munch on while he thought. Soon he began to write. About a paragraph into the essay, his mind went blank. Writer�s block struck him hard, and Brett became extremely frustrated. He opened up an internet tab to get out his frustration, and slammed his fists down on the keyboard. �ABDLJDBHUENXNJS� read the search bar, which yielded no results. However, what read on the screen was interesting in itself. �Did you mean �ABDL�?� the almighty Google asked him. Brett was puzzled, for he knew ABDL wasn�t an English word, and it certainly wasn�t an acronym he had heard of. He obediently clicked the suggestion and what followed left him astounded. Hundreds of results appeared before him with words like �Baby� �Diaper� and �Sissy�. The more he scrolled down, the more it became apparent to him that this was some type of sexual fetish/lifestyle , of more people than he ever would have guessed. �Diapers? Adult babies?� he thought to himself. �People are so weird. I didn�t know anybody was into this.� Brett was about to close the tab, when his curiosity got the best of him. Though he knew it was a very odd thing to be looking at, he did want to see what these people were all about. Skeptically, he clicked on the top link, which led him to a page that made his eyes open wide. Videos and pictures covered the screen of very explicit images, most containing bodily fluids and diapers. One video near the center read �wetting my red underwear�. �Grown men?� Brett gasped. �wetting their pants? I�ve gotta see this.� He clicked on the video and it began to play. The video starred a man, in his early 20�s, wearing a pair of bright red underwear. You could clearly see the bulge of his penis through the tight material of the underwear, which made Brett feel a bit uncomfortable as he was not gay. The man was sitting on his couch, reading a book. Brett smirked, beginning to believe this man was a phony and wasn�t really going to do what he said. Without warning, the man got up from the couch. He spread his legs a bit, and began releasing his pee into his underwear. It started as a small wet spot in the corner of the underwear, but quickly spread to turn the underwear from bright red to crimson. Brett couldn�t believe his eyes. He sat there watching with his mouth agape, as the man continued to piss himself without any regard to the puddle that was forming below him. Finally, the peeing ceased and the man returned to the couch, as if nothing had happened, and continued reading to end the video. Brett was sweating, afraid that someone someone would know he had watched that video, and quickly deleted it from his search history. �What a bunch of freaks� he thought, resting his hands on his lap. Upon doing so, he realized he had an erection. He frowned, not understanding why. His eyes widened as he remembered what he was just watching. �It-it can�t be from�from that� he reassured himself. �Probably just a random one.� But Brett couldn�t lie to himself. He was very aroused from watching that video, and he didn�t know why. He would never admit this to himself. He continued to try and write his essay, and his boner went away eventually. About 20 minutes later, he felt a twinge in his bladder. He sighed, not wanting to get up from the computer. His normal dorm bathroom was being remodeled, so the downstairs commons bathroom was his only option. Swaying back and forth in his swiveling desk chair, an idea crossed his mind. �Why should I have to get up? The man in the video didn�t, he just went right there where he was.� He quickly pushed this thought aside knowing it was incredibly wrong and not okay. But the more he pondered on the idea, the more tempting it became. Pretty soon he was so horny that he could not push away the urge any longer, and he made a rash decision in his aroused state. The only problem was, he couldn�t just let it go right in his seat, his body wouldn�t allow him to. Brett had to somehow trick his body into thinking it was eliminating into a toilet. He got an idea. He stood to his feet and faced the center of the dorm room. Luckily, he was wearing loose fitting jeans that day, so his plan could be executed with ease. He fumbled with the outside of his pants until he found his penis. He grabbed hold of it, and moved it to face the center of his pants where the zipper and button were. �No going back now� he thought. He aimed his penis as if going into the toilet, but little did his body know that he would be going into his pants. It worked. Holding onto his penis, he relaxed his whole body and let go. Brett felt a few droplets come out, and though it was a small amount, it was invigorating. Before peeing, Brett had thought that he would stop after just a bit came out, but after the first little bit came out, his body was begging for more. He let some more pee out, which proceeded to form a small wet patch on the center of his jeans. His aiming hand was warmed by the pee and it felt amazing. Brett could no longer let it out in small spurts, he had to completely let go. He closed his eyes and felt the slow warmth spread all over his legs and buttocks. It was so pleasurable to him feeling the warm piss run down his legs and against the material of the jeans. His socks began to get wet, but he didn�t want to stop. He pushed down on his bladder and forced every last drop of pee out of himself. There was a stream next to his feet at this point. Brett stood there, half in ecstasy from fulfilling his fantasy, half in amazement and surprise at what he had just done. All of the sudden, something interrupted his happiness. The door burst open, and there stood Jake. Continue? Let me know comments please thanks ?

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  1. Jake forgot the toilets down the hall were closed and was running toward his dorm room to pee in the sink. What he saw when he opened the door to his room was too much for his bladder to ignore. He had barely reached down his pants to pinch his penis for control, when the hissing and pissing gushed out. The boys stared face to face at each other – hands in their pants, dark wet jeans on … and mouths wide open, not knowing whether to play embarassed, drop to their knees with laughter … or run out of the room. Jake closed the door, leaned back against the wall, let go with the full contents from the rest of his bladder … and sighed.

    They stood there, initially silent, hesistant but curious, both claiming a first time accident … and both telling the truth. One hand reached out … then that of his mate’s … then both young men felt the reality of how the warm, wet jeans looked on each other … and by that time, neither could hide their rock solid boners. Both boys dropped their jeans and whipped off an explosive ejaculate that landed, of course, on his roommate’s hard penis.

    For the next four years, Brett and Jake were inseperable. They moved into a loft off campus and finished their degrees with honors.

    If only that were true …

    Sorry .. I couldn’t wait for your ending. I hope I didn’t ruin it !! 😉

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