Bran New!

Hey everyone! Never thought I would be on a site like this or, ‘into’ something like this… But I guess life is like that!

Anyways yesterday I found out that urm- ‘going’ in my pants sexually arouses me, let me start from the top. I have had a weak bladder my whole life, wet sheets, panties, pants etc are common ground, and I have always felt a spark or sexuality and naughtiness after it happening, but I pushed it back and ignored it.

However yesterday I left school for my long walk home from school, not feeling great after only a couple minutes. Realizing I was starting to need to pee was worrisome but I figured that I could control it until I got out of the residential part of my walk and into the forested part where I could relive myself.

I felt a rumble in my gut but that didn’t worry me too much, I used to ocasional soil myself accidentally until I was 12 or 13, now It only happens when I’m sick so really I was fully confident I could poop in the comfort of my own home.

Alas my body had other plans, I was in tight black athletic shorts and dark green fullback panties. (Just putting it out there I wear a medium sized bladder leak pad in my undies, not sure if that’s important haha) the residential area part of my walk home ends at somewhat of a crossroads, it’s a path that splits four ways, I walk from the south way where the houses are, they stop shortly before the path splits and there is a park on your left as you approach from the south, north is where I walk and the forest starts on the left and stretches all the way around you down a hill shortly past the four way, there is a high school on my left coming home (east) and more houses if you turn right and go west a little ways.

By the time I got close I knew I was in trouble, I had leaked a bit into my pad but I was limping occasionally having to stop and put a hand on my bum, and needing a hand constantly pressed hard against my crotch to keep from wetting myself. As I reached the four way about 30 yards from the forest I felt my stomach drop and I subconsciously and almost involuntarily dropped into a low squat. I could no longer move and that was helping keep my bladder at bay, so I was unable to hold it. I began rapidly soaking my pants, I stopped trying to stop it and let it happen as it soaked my pad, shorts, legs, socks, shoes and made a puddle on the pavement below me.

Yet the big mistake, was while peeing my pants COMPLETELY forgetting my pressing bowel movement, and by the time I realized I was too late, I put my hand back quick as I could but a blart escaped my bum before a rapid crackling noise, I was messing myself. My panties filled out and stained as the tell tale smell surrounded me, my tight shorts bulged with my panties as I pooped and pooped, unable to even try and hold it in. I stopped messing after roughly ten seconds, a fairly large and mushy feeling load left prominently in my shorts.

Yet as I felt it in my panties, I went from shocked and gross, to all hot and bothered. I noticed a group of girls leaving the park in my direction so I speed walked (more like wobbled) down the path until I got to a spot close to my house that could provide cover, I ducked under the tree line and waisted for them, squaring with the under brush silently.

I felt the rest of my poo waiting at my bottom, and figured why not, I’m messy anyways, and was kind of starting to be turned on by the situation. I pushed and the load got even bigger, it was laughably obvious the way it dropped off the otherwise tight shorts and had a wet brown shine to the black fabric, I felt it and got a chill as the girls passed, I waited for a few more minutes before continuing home.

When I was beside a park near my street I realized my neighbors or friends may be able to see the tell tale bulge, so I made the decision to sit in my mess to crush it, best choice I made in a while! I felt amazing, almost orgasmic and I let out a tiny moan there on the Park bench, I finished my walk home, took some pictures (wasn’t sure why at the time haha) and then decided to jill off before cleaning up, it was wonderful!

I have plenty of accident stores from the past and interesting ideas for the future, don’t he afraid to comment here or private message me to chat!

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  1. U included so many details in this story that made it really hot) It was a pleasure to read and imagine u. My dick was so hard and pulsating and I really wanted to see all that happened in your story)
    thx a lot)

  2. I have done that walking home from school, I did it once with my girlfriend walking with me( I only pooped, not peed, ), The breeze was blowing, and all she asked before I kissed her good-by as we were at her parents house was one of us must of farted, lol, I got away with it

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