Boys’ brigade

So I was about 12 or 14 can’t remember now so here is the story.

So I was at boys’ Brigade and I was nervous really really nervous so then they toke kids in the hall and I then seat down after a few hours I then completely diarrheaed myself and then I gone to the toilet.

(not the best but hopefully you like it) (p.s first story)

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  1. I pooped in my underwear during a Boy Scouts Jamboree. We had already been camping for 4 days and I hadn’t pooped for the whole time because I was extremely constipated. On the 4th day during an orientation exercise away from our camp I became very aware it was ready to come out but didn’t do anything about it. That was unit we were crouching down looking at our map to get our next compass bearing. That position increased the need to go but instead of holding it in and walking back to camp I just let it push its way into my underwear.

    The slow release of all the pressure and the sensation of it coming out and filling my underwear felt fantastic and completely took my attention away from what we were supposed to be doing. That was unit I realized all the boys in my group were looking at me waiting for me to work out our next waypoint. I was one of the best at navigation, but the sensation of the huge load in my underwear made it incredibly hard to concentrate and all I could think about was how good it felt.
    When we stood up the reality of what I had done suddenly bought me back to earth and the first couple of steps made me very aware of just how much I had done. Amazingly the 4 days of huge meals stayed in my underwear, which felt great. I could have made an excuse and gone back to camp to deal with what I had done but the very arousing sensation it gave me canceled out any logical decision I should have made.

    None of the group seemed to notice, which made me feel even more aroused. I was 13 at the time and should have be shocked at what I had done but instead felt incredibly naughty and aroused.

  2. Dukeofearl67.
    I made sure the others in our group walked in front of me and when we got to our last navigation leg I sat down on a big fallen tree. As I did the very firm load pushed up the front and back of my underwear, but mostly the front. As it did the stimulation I had been feeling got even better and that was enough reason for me to risk wearing my underwear for a while longer. My plan was to go to the toilets when we got back to camp but the moment we did the leaders called us over, so they could check how well we had done. They also told us if anyone left our group would be disqualified.

    That immediately woke me up to the reality of my situation and to make it even worse another 2 groups got back before our checks were done. The very arousing feeling very quickly change as I wondered if anyone was going to smell me and if the load was showing on the back of my pants. Sitting down and keeping my shirt pulled down and the back was my solution, but I completely forgot about between my legs. The crotch of my pants didn’t to do much to hide my underwear and it didn’t go unnoticed. I was so busy making sure the back of my pants was hiding by my shirt I didn’t notice a note being passed around until someone tossed it at me.

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