Boyfriends naughty girl!

It was about 9 at night and my boyfriend and I went to the movies. I HATE public bathrooms and he knew it. I had to go potty really really bad but I tried to keep my squirming to a minimum. We only had 15 minutes left of the movie. I can hold it! 

“babe?” he whispered in my ear. Keeping my attention on not having an accident I look up at him
“yeah?” I squeaked.
“what’s wrong?”
“nothin just restless” he nodded understanding. I crossed my legs and bounced my knee. God I had to go!
The movie was over and we were heading out to his car. Why did we have to park so far away! I stopped bending over holding my stomach. NO! NOT HERE NOT NOW NOT EVER! I Stood up to see he was smirking at me.
“what…?” he walked over pulling me close.
“are you nervous?”
“uh yeah…” he hugged me making a little squirt into my panties. SHIT! I crossed my legs and sped walked to his car. Half way home he was hitting every bump I’m sure. I couldn’t hold it. I started forcefully peeing on his seat. I looked down in embarracement but now my back door was knocking and I unwillingly opened up and out came a muchy mess. Nothing solid about it. I refused to look up from my accident as we pulled into the driveway.
“awe baby!” he cooed when he saw my mess “did you have an accident?” I started to cry and nodded. He walked over to my side and helped me out of the car. Luckily none of my poop had gotten on the seat. He helped me waddle inside as he check my pants for the damage. 
“well that was very naughty of you to go in your pants baby”
“not yet”
“what?” he say down on the couch and bent me over I tried to squirm away but he held me firm. As his hand made forceful contact with my poop smeared bum I felt it spread and I cried. After a minute of that he laid me down and took off my dirty cloths whipping me down. I’ll be right back baby. Stay right here. He went out to the car and I just laid there for what seemed like forever before I heard hi car pull up and he came inside with a CVS bag. 
“little girls who want to go potty in there pants need these. He pulled out a bag of diapers that had flowers on it. I grimaced and scooted away.”ah ah ah nope come here” he pulled my anckles and pulled me closer as he creamed, powdered and diaperd me. I looked up pleading he’d take it off but he never did. I was now his baby girl…
(did you like it? Let me know for future stories what to do)

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