Boy with arm in plaster

I was going to my favourite public toilet and as I went in I saw a boy of about 18′ with his right arm in plaster. He was looking rather awkward, and I asked if we has ok. He said they he’d desperately needed the toilet and had difficulty taking his shorts down. He was looking desperate and I thin was close to shiting his pants.

I said I would help him out if he did not mind. We went into the disabled cubicle and I gently pulled his shorts and red pants down. He sat on the toilet and took a dump. It was then obvious that he would not be able to wipe his bottom properly. He did try but I just took over and wiped his bottom, I then noticed that he had an erection, and he asked me if I would mind wanking him off as he could not do it properly, I gave him a hand job and he soon shot his load across the cubicle floor. He asked if I had a hard on, I just dropped my pants and showed him, he tried to wank me but couldn’t, so I wanked of in front of him.
Just wished he had not made it and messed himself!

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  1. Yes quite true. He was very desperate. I reckon if I had not helped him he would have messed himself. When he did get on the toilet it was a very soft sounding poop. Did not take much to wipe him. Surprised when he asked for a wank though, never seen him again!

  2. You don’t suppose he took the cast off as soon as you were out of sight, do you? LOL.

    I think he was seeking this and I bet that you will find him there again. This toilet is part of his comfort zone and when he gets the desire, he will surely return.

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