Boredom & Pee Polls.

So, I was bored today and decided to go do some pee polls on Misterpoll. By the time I had finished the 2nd poll, I was ready to pee. I decided to let go. I flooded my briefs, completely soaking the front of them and wetting the back slightly. I stopped myself from going any further and stood in the bath, so I wouldn’t get the floor wet. I continued to pee and I ended up completely soaking my underwear. I still have them on and I love the feel of the wet fabric rubbing against my skin, it’s so nice!!

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  1. I too have a real thing for ‘wet’ undies and how they feel!! Mine are all swim briefs or womens nylon/lycra fabric panties which really ‘clings’ when wet. Almost feels like someone is fondling me when I move and when they get that ‘slippery’ wetness I’m in ecstasy!! I can’t keep my hands of slippery briefs and they almost always wind up just getting even more full of slippery cum!!! I can’t keep filling my undies with cum all day so I rely on my bladder to fill in (pun intended!!)

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