Bonding experience with a close friend,

I was surprised tonight. Very surprised. I was working outside with my friend doing some yard work to avoid the heat of the day. As we worked on trimming some hedges about 100 yards from my house, I got stricken with an urge to shit…BAD. I told him, “man I gotta run to the house, my stomach is killing me” He follows me as I walk away. Half way to my house I do a wet fart, and I know I’m about to lose it. I tell him, “I’m not gonna make it, I gotta do it here.” I have a shed close by, so I run to the side of it and rip my pants down.  As soon as I get them to my knees and begin to squat I start shitting. It was soft, but formed. I get into a squat and start shitting ropes of mushy shit. To my shock, my friend walks over to me and props on the shed only about 6ft away from me. He proceeds to talk to me, “hey, are you sick or did you just really have to go” I told him I was okay just couldn’t hold it anymore. I should add that it was dark enough to ease the awkwardness of the moment, but light enough to see each other well. He then told me he had never taken a shit outside, and sorta wondered what it was like. I finished shitting and wiped with some tissue I carry in my pocket.  We went back and began working again, but within half an hour he suddenly stopped and said, “ I don’t think that chicken sandwich I had is agreeing with me.” I asked if he was okay, and he said “I think I am gonna have diarrhea soon.”  He left and headed for the house, but stopped and came back to me. He said, “Can I do what you did? I really have to go now” I said “sure man, go right ahead” But that was not the end of the moment. He says, “Um, can you come with? I don’t know if I can do it right” I went with him to the shed. He was clenching and in obvious need, so I told him to go ahead and lower his pants to his knees and squat. He reminded me that with his bad back squatting is hard, so I showed him an alternative by leaning my back on the shed and getting into a sit like position. He did this much easier and almost immediately begin to poop. He was surprised by how easy he was going, “Wow, I was really in need of a shit” I walked away a few feet to give him some privacy. He finished quickly, and again to my shock he shined a flashlight on the pile he made, and on my pile which was close by. He said, “We pooped about the same amount, but yours is more runny than mine.” The I pointed out his pants, which were wet . I forgot to tell him how not to piss your pants while outdoor shitting lol.  I found all this surprising as nothing like this has ever happened. He is straight, and so am I, I don’t view this as sexual. It was just a very bonding and honestly fun moment.

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