Bobbie is naughty

Bobbie is a special girl.She loves to feel the smoothness,the warmth,the softness of poop filled panties slipping over her skin as she walks with a large sweet mess between her legs,spreading more with each step she takes.She loves the exciting feeling as she slowly sits on a hard chair to feel the load of poop in her panties squirt in all directions as the weight of her body compresses it.The warmth creeping up the back of her panties and forward at the same time over her belly as she moves a hand helping to push it into every little place,each place it touches raises her excitement several degrees.She also loves to squirm in her seat and rock back and forth,pressing her legs together to feel every bit of movement he fresh warm poop makes as it covers more of her body.As she continues doing this for some minutes her sexual feelings will very soon bring her to the point of orgasm with little need of using her fingers or hands.

Bobbie has discovered that she can have more and better orgasms through pooping into her panties,than she could enjoy with just masturbation.Once she was brave enough to decide to get messy for the first time,she found that the first orgasm she experienced while covered in her poop was stronger and more satisfying than she had ever felt before,and each time she does this the feelings are more intense.Her best times are when she can eat as much as she wants and not use her bathroom for two or three days to build up a good amount of poop inside her,holding it until she chooses the time when she will fill her panties in such a sexual way.When she has decided on the time that she wants to enjoy her sexual high,Bobbie takes a gulp of a liquid stool softener,which does not lead to cramps or any feeling of discomfort,then wait about three hours for it to take effect.It means that she can plan her lovely “accidents” ahead of time and be ready to fully participate in them.Knowing that at a certain time she will really have to poop,she can put on her full cut cotton panties and her tight pants with her favorite shirt on top,and be prepared for fun.

As the time gets closer Bobbie will get things ready for her sexy fun time and feel the anticipation build in her as she places the wooden chair ready to sit on and gets things ready in her bathroom.She knows that many of her girl friends would just love the experience if they would have the courage to try it for the first time.They would certainly love the wonderful orgasms they would have,as every friend who has been brave enough to actually try this has told her how wonderful it felt and how they just can’t wait to do it again.It is becoming more popular with her friends as each one tells their friends how amazing their orgasm has been and how much better than they had ever enjoyed before,some having three or four in one group.She wants to let all her friends know how wonderful they can feel using this simple method.The hardest part is making the decision to poop in their panties for the first time,forgetting all their previous potty training and being so naughty as to mess their pants and yet not care,but just enjoy being totally in charge of what they want to do and not what people would think of them if they knew.The marvelous feeling of being their own person and enjoying their sexuality with no barriers is so wonderful that once they take the first step and try it they will never want to stop.

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