boat trip

I was skipper of this sailing boat which took out parties for day trips which on the sea I had 3 sailing crew and myself and a chef come bottle washer for below deck duties. Each trip we provide a lunch and drinks and passengers could lounge around the decks in the sun. today the passengers were a female hen party so we red out the regulations that have to be told and followed on all trips when going out to sea , once sorted we left port and headed out to sea . the girls were drinking and playing music as they chatted on the deck . it was a warm day sun was beaming down and girls rubbed sun cream over their arms legs and bodies and as you can guess off came there bikini tops its a lovely site for a man to see as their breast swing around from the movement of the boat ,drinking before lunch was having its effect the girls were getting tipsy and shouting to each other which to be honest is normal for these sort of parties . after drinking a while the girls find the start needing the toilet there is one of course but they have to wait their turn never happens and one starts by hanging over the side and peeing in the sea , because they are passengers we have keep close eye on they don’t fall overboard . they swear at us but its a job we have do and they give up and get on with peeing . next lunch s served mostly
bar -b-que food salad etc and they get tucked in with more booze of course and getting quiet merry then fun starts they want poo now we provide buckets else the sides of boat be covered but not sure if it makes much difference lol , we sail on and they enjoying their selves taking of their bikini bottoms and going use a bucket while their mates hold onto them as they shit in a bucket you stand on deck over seeing there safety but enjoy watch the girls take their shit there are some long thick turds and some small and lots of runny poo due to all the drink after they have done the crews job is to empty the bucket for the next girl ready to use but some will use the below deck toilet tend to be sober ones , some girls like kissing each other and playing with each others pussies and tits because we are out of sight of land they do things they normally not do in the open , some lick each other off and finger their pussies and finger their bums and on occasions play with the other girls ass as they pooing in the bucket and smelling it on their fingers gets very seductive and cuddly when they get drunk , sometimes they get sick too but in general they just get more open with what they do like taking a pee at each other seeing who can pee further than the other or who did longest turd in the bucket it all makes their day and we just have get them home safe and hope they have some good memories of the day and pictures and our jobs over once we get them safe back on shore in the harbour then all we have clean the boat up for the next day end

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  1. Sounds like you should pay the ladies for entertaining you with a strip tease.I would love to be in your crew

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