This is sort of a like a love story here. It goes like this. Me and my friend victor were just hanging out. Victor is like my really deep crush. I think hes cute and funny 🙂 Well we went out to eat at some place that had amazing food, to die for. I probably ate half my weight because when I left it was really hard to walk and stand.

After we ate we just walked and talked to the park. No one was around so it was just me and him alone. It was nearly sunset and it was time for me to go home before my mom yells at me. Just as I was going to say my goodbyes I had a rumbling feeling in my stomach. I had to poop really badly.

I was telling him that I had to go home but as I told him a fart come out from me. I was so embarrassed because I really like him and I thought he would of thought I was nasty. He said “Do you need a restroom?” I responded “Yes but now” 

From the look on his face it looked like he needed a bathroom as well. So I was following him to the nearest bathroom (Which was 5 miles away!) It was really hard to hold it in and I could see him struggling also.

Not even half way there he gave up looked at me and said “I just can’t hold it no more!”‘ So he dropped his pants kept his cute boxer briefs on and let it all out. I ended up doing the same. So we were right next to each other taking a huge shit together 🙂

In the end we went out as a couple but broke up 9 months later..

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