Really, Really Sick

When I was 20, I bought my own apartment (Well, with the help of my parents). I was sick and had some sick day accidents for the first time living on my own. It was my Junior year of college. On Monday, I woke up blowing hot air from my nose, which was a sign I was getting sick. On Tuesday, I gained a sore throat and felt completely dead when I came home. I finally decided to stay home on Wednesday, when I woke up and vomited. As I was emailing my third professor, without warning, diarrhea oozed into my pajamas. I emailed my last professor with poop in my pants and cleaned up in the shower. When I woke up from a nap, I threw up in the garbage can next to me and smelled something stinky. I pooped my pants twice in three hours. I took another shower and threw away another pair of underwear. Later, I was watching Parks and Recreation until I smelled another poopy accident. I think my body was so numb, that I couldn’t feel I needed to go to the bathroom. Later, I peed myself twice. I noticed I had no underwear left in my dresser. While sick, I put on khakis and went to Target to buy some new ones. While at the store, I actually felt the urge to poop. But, the cramp told me I only had 5 seconds to make it and I didn’t. Full bowel movement in my khakis. I sniffed the air and it actually caused me to fan my nose and say “P.U!” I didn’t even do it on purpose, that was my legitimate reaction to the smell. I went straight to the checkout, thankfully with no people in it. I heard the cashier sniff and she said “The diapers are over there.” I looked at her. I wanted to say something back, but I was too sick. I went into the bathroom and changed. I flushed my underwear down the toilet and left. I had one more accident in my new underwear, so I had to throw them away immediately. The next day was the same thing. I didn’t feel any better. I was so miserable that I just didn’t use the toilet at all, I just went in my pants. But, that was probably due to my fetish. Anyway, so that’s how I pooped my pants ten times in two days.


  1. SiN

    That’s quite an epic story, Emily – Shame it wasn’t documented or filmed ?

    Message me next time you’re sick ?