Last Accident in High School

I was a senior in high school and I would park my car in the nearby woods. I did this when I was planning to hold my poop and let it out in my pants when school ended. I would feel the urge after lunchtime and go to the bathroom in 6th period. But, one day, my bathroom schedule changed on me. I parked my car in the woods because I was planning to go to the bathroom in my pants that afternoon. I felt a pressure in my butt while I was walking through the woods. I had to poop at 7 in the morning, which was unusual. 6th period came and my tummy was making noises and I had to fart a lot. I came close to an accident in 7th period when I bent over to pick something up. When that period ended, I almost went to the bathroom (in the toilet), but I didn’t. 20 minutes into 8th hour, I couldn’t take the pain anymore and pooped myself. Now, I was not new to this, having accidents in school was something I had done a few times every school year. This time, I was two weeks away from graduating and I just made a poopy in my pants. I asked to go to the bathroom and I sat in a stall over the toilet to kill time. My stomach had some more digested food left in it and since I was over a toilet, it let more of that stinky stuff into my jeans. I didn’t want people to tell I stunk to avoid getting sent to the nurse as a second semester senior for something a kindergartner would get sent for. There were 3 minutes left til school was out, so I got off the toilet and went back to class. The teacher said “You were in there a while.” “Yeah I have the worst stomach problems.” Everyone was already at the door waiting for the bell to ring. I sat distant from them to avoid being smelled. I ran out of the school and had a calm walk through the woods while the air around me stunk. I got home and my dad was there. I said my usual sentences to him and ran upstairs. I took a serious shower and threw away my underwear at the bottom of the garbage bin.


  1. LIL' ONE

    Doing it on purpose in school is daring at any grade. I know I did it all through middle school.

  2. Latchkey

    Emily, your story brought back memories of high school years ago. I never had any accidents in school but my fetish got kindled in grade school. In first grade when we were all sitting in a circle on the floor for story time, a girl not far from me groaned loudly and the experienced teacher knew what was wrong. She told her to get up and go to the girls room. But she’d waited too long and when she tried to get up she lost control. She was squatting and I could see her bum and white panties just above the floor and a big stream of pee squirting through them and a big puddle growing on the floor. After she had finished, the teacher put a bunch of paper towels on the puddle to soak it up. Another time that year the teacher noticed a small ball of poop on the floor in the aisle not far from me. She knew someone had pooped their pants but no one would admit it of course. I figured it was a boy classmate who wore boxer shorts. He’d probably been embarrassed to ask to leave to the boy’s room and couldn’t hold it. It was obviously firm and dry but he probably had to get up to do something in class and his boxers being loose didn’t contain the turds and at least one made it’s way down his pant leg to the floor. I must have thought that girls panties were like my briefs and fit right around our legs and would keep turds in. Amazing what our memories retain! Enjoy your stories!