Giving up

I am thinking about giving in on my account. A lot is going on in my life. Now i really have no one to be with that likes or loves my fetishes. I have not decided when I might close my page. Happy wetting and pooping jeans


  1. ds2005

    Please don’t. I love your pics and videos. Just wish we were closer to each other to share the fun.

  2. Sarah ScatShop

    You’re premium for life, baby 🙂 Doesn’t cost you anything to stay, if you choose to. Best of luck to you, things sometimes turn around

  3. accident-boy

    Don’t give up your account just because you temporarily can’t participate as fully as you might like to. For various reasons I was inactive for several years, but when I was able I came back and love the place as I always did. Stick around! Oh, and I love your uploads!

  4. caca chuck

    I’d love to meet you in person and have a great pants peeing and pooping together.

  5. billy

    Don’t give up, just keep a low profile you may well want to come back, I did.