So, I play a lot of video games. Sometimes I get too distracted that I forget to use the bathroom. So, yes, I’ve had accidents from being too lazy to get up and use the restroom. When Skyrim came out, all I was doing everyday was playing it nonstop. I was wearing a skirt and I was exploring the world, when I started farting. Then, I got the urge to go. I ignored it, because I felt slaying dragons and exploring dungeons was much more interesting than sitting on a toilet for five minutes. My bowels were warning me “You’re gonna have a stinky accident” But I didn’t listen. I felt a cramp that disguised itself as a fart, so I pushed, but a solid banana shaped poop came out into my underwear. I sighed and paused the game. I still had to go, so I finished going in my pants, took a shower, threw away my underwear and got back to playing.

Another time, I had the runs while playing Overwatch. I really had to go all of a sudden when I was playing a match. I think I was playing as Dva, trying my best to hold it until the match was over. I died and the feeling of disappointment made me relax and accidentally had a mishap in my pants. Diarrhea gives me an excuse to stay in it longer because normal people poop themselves when they have diarrhea, don’t they? An autofill search on Google says “Is it normal to poop yourself when you have diarrhea?” The 26 year old me played another match while stinky. I got up and took a bath (better cleanup tool than a shower if it’s diarrhea)

Sometimes, when I poop my pants on purpose, I play video games for a couple hours for an activity. It gets really smelly, especially after two hours. Next time you play a game online, think about how someone you’re playing with might have had a little accident and it might be in their pants as you play.


  1. santon

    I am not a gamer at all, but if something could make me try it, it is knowing that I am playing against people with loaded pants

  2. Spankerson

    You never know, could be playing with me on one of those and I’ve laid a good one in my underwear and am enjoying the feeling of sitting on it.

  3. SiN

    So. Picture this – I worked from home for a while whilst recovering from a knee injury and had to take some new medication. This involved speaking with customers for long periods of time where the calls were often recorded. To my surprise, a side effect of this medication was full on liquid diarrhea. Now, aside from the occasional self-inflicted gym injury I see myself as quite a healthy guy, so when getting the urge to let rip I didn’t expect on that fateful morning for a stream of molten-hot liquid to thunder out of my asshole at the speed of sound down onto my office chair, whilst having to disguise my utter shock and bemusement to the person on the other end of the phone.

    Lol. After the initial shock and adjustment period, I actually felt quite comforted by the extra warmth as this was in the beginning months of winter. As I progressed on with the meds, I soon learnt that the tell-tale gurgling, churning sensation in my stomach was a ‘Def Con 1’ situation and an immediate dash into the bathroom was required. Still had a few accidents to which my favourite dressing gown was a victim.