Does anyone just love the rotten, funky odor of shit?

I love the smell of poop a lot! I love that nasty, stank of shit sooo damn much. I like to savor it. One thing I will do is poop in a container, seal it n store in my closet. Even if you seal it, the stink will seep out and fill up the whole closet. So I got my very own shit closet. I leave the container in there and come back to smell it whenever I want. I also buy poop-scented candles and fart-scented candles. Most people use them for pranks, but I like them for pleasure. I love lighting them, and filling my room up with poop odor. Much easier than actually pooping in my room or farting constantly. I love when the closet smell like one giant, raunchy fart! Anyone else love the smell of shit?


  1. Colleen's pooping

    I have really bad gas today and pooped my pajama pants it stinks but I really love the smell I’m smearing the poop on my tits and already smeared it on my ads cheeks

  2. BrinaBoBina

    I love the smell of a healthy shit, either my own or a woman’s. Nothing feels better than taking a super stinky morning dump, preceded by a night of farts farts and more farts. When my fart is silent, they come out hot, and they really stank. Also i used to be able to poop my underwear, just like your above pic. I’d fill my underwear, then mash it more between my butt cheeks, then sit on it and hopefully push farts through it, or even better – more shit. I’d sitting on a massive load, pure stank, while drinking coffee and watching TV. So yes, in that situation I love my own stank.

  3. Eufanio

    Just Yesterday I throw in the wc a bottle of my diarrhea 5 days old. The scent was fantastic, but I am too stupid and I dont swallow It. The scent lasted in the bathroom for more than One hour whit the window opened.