College Accident

In my first semester of Community College, I was sitting in my Intro to Fiction class, when I realized I really had to go to the bathroom. Now, I would’ve loved to go in my pants, but then wasn’t the time. Class ended and I was BURSTING! I speed walked to the bathroom I usually used, but it was closed for cleaning. I farted in frustration, luckily it didn’t cause me to have an accident. My next class was in ten minutes and I was really big on perfect attendance, so I would rather mess my pants than miss class. I sat down in my English class and the need to poop was still lingering. I was farting every 5 minutes, which is why I sat at a computer with no one next to it. I couldn’t concentrate on my paper. I was literally praying “Please, God, don’t let me poop my pants in class when I’m so new here!” By the end of class, the poop was already out of my butt, but not in my underwear. I walked to the bathroom slowly to keep it from coming out. I got in the bathroom stall and as soon as my bowels knew they were near a toilet, they evacuated into my jeans. I smelled it immediately and I held my nose. I got out of the stall and rushed out of the school. I was very noticeably stinky, so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone smelled an 18 year old girl who needed a pants change. I got home and my dad was asleep, so I took a shower and changed before he got up. After that, I voluntarily pooped my pants in class four times and never got caught.


  1. pantsloader

    Nice. I never pooped my pants while sitting in a class in college, but can remember a couple occasions where I pooped my pants right after getting out of class and walking across campus with a nice load in my pants. I too never got caught. 🙂

  2. Latchkey

    Your story brought back memories from decades ago. I had an early morning class, don’t remember what subject, I’d eat my usual cereal breakfast before driving to the college. Sometimes for an unknown reason, just before the end of class I’d get a desperate urge to poop from cramps in my bowels. I’d hold it until the one hour class was over and hurriedly walk to the restroom down the hall. I’d barely make it and immediately upon sitting on the toilet my bowels would explode. Never figured out what was going on but after a few weeks the cramps went away and I never had those episodes. But it was really desperate those few weeks. Hearing your story, I’d probably would have enjoyed sitting behind you even if it wasn’t obvious you were pooping your pants! I’d have probably fantasized about you doing it!