Chat about holds/bathroom control

I know I’ve posted something like this before though still looking for someone to help push me further for how long I go between well. Pooping. You might ask why you should do that for me though in return you could possibly pick where I finally poop, and would see my poops pretty much right away too

For an idea of what my holds usually look like, here’s a video of one when I gave in and went. There’s other on my account there too,


  1. Blue Post author

    My kik still is “checkers.white”, I do have Telegram and Discord but please message for those if wanted

  2. Blue Post author

    Still would love to find more others who would like to chat. I’m doing a pretty big hold currently, taking imodium (anti-diarrhea) medication with this hold, and I haven’t gone for 6 days now.