Blast From the Past

The past few days I decided to look at my diaper collection. I haven’t really touched these diapers in a while because I figured they wouldn’t fit me. I took out one of each design of the old goodnites I had. On July 4th I wore the atv ones and another one. I didn’t get to wear any on Friday. Yesterday when I got home from work I decided to try and put on a BMX one, to my surprise I actually managed to get it on. I wet it many times and even tried to mess it, I say I tried because I had already went number 2 that day and I had nothing left. I took off the BMX one (which is my favorite design) and put on a camo one (my second favorite design) and the camo one surprisingly fit me quite well. I wet that one twice and then decided to go to sleep. When I woke up I wore it for a little while and then decided to change it, I have a video of me taking off the camo one and a few pictures of both goodnites. I think from now on I am gonna stop buying adult ones for a while and wear the diapers that I already have that I used to wear when I wasn’t a DL. In my collection I also have some Pull Ups from the original toy story and some white sesame street pull ups ( I can’t fit into either of these, only bought them cause I wore them as a toddler) I have every model of boys goodnites and a few different models of the girls ones. I will try and post pics of me wearing each kind, I will try to include vids here and there and both wet and messy pics for some of them.