Any of you male pants poopers out there ever double dump in your underwear/diaper?

I am doing this right now. I shit my pants yesterday. I saved my shit filled underwear in plastic bags, for shitting later. I always have to poop when I wake up. I got my poopy underwear out of the plastic bag and put it on. OMG….I loaded it full again. A very big ball of poop formed in my underwear. I have this pair of faded Levis that I shit in all the time, and I have not washed them in 3 pants pooping. These Levis have a big brown stain on the butt. I pulled up these shit stained Levis over my doubled dumped underwear and sat and squished that big load of shit all over my ass, balls and cock!!!! FUCK I smell really bad, but fuck it fells GREAT!!! It will not be long before the ass rots out of these jeans from all the loads of shit in them! There is nothing better than chatting on the inter net in a loaded pair of underwear! Would love to hear from other pants poopers who double dump.


  1. fartlighter

    I am going to. I tried to do it once. I stored a turd in a bag at room temperature. The smell was overpowering though. It didn’t smell like poop, but the most rancid fart mixed with garbage. I have rancid farts but I never knew that even I could make a stench that potent. I had to throw it out. The bag was completely inflated like a balloon. I guess there was so much fart gas in the turd that it came out and filled the bag. That really turned me on. I wish I would have taken a lighter and ignited the gas.

    If I can find a way to store a turd in my place without the stench making me vomit, I will totally do a double dump.

  2. David

    Have you ever worn brand new white full cut underwear and being well dressed find yourself in a desperate situation, at the malls parking lot or in a traffic jam. The feeling that it’s a real accident is half the fun. I had a five day load. I went to the market when it kicked in. I was wearing Wranglers and cowboy boots with the belt buckled tight. The first cramp came while I was paying my my groceries. I almost fled. Outside I got in my car and as soon as I was on the road I pumped out a monster load. I lifted my butt off the seat but it didn’t make any difference. When I sat down I was sitting on a mound I wonder what would have happened if a cop pulled me over. Especially if while he is talking to me I get hit with another cramp and he sees me in my desperation. Any others out there that share this situation?

  3. winniethepoo

    Yes, OMG! I do this all the time. I’ve done up to 10-11 loads in a cloth diaper or white briefs, stashing them in a cool place sealed up until the next load. In fact, I’m in double-pooped, white briefs right now. I shat myself in bed last night, right as I was going to sleep for the night. I was struggling to hold it all day and when the urge hit at bedtime, I was like “Hell with it, I’ll just mess myself and sleep in it!” It was a firm load, so no leakage, and I slept like a baby. I always sleep better with poop in my underwear or diaper. I woke up early this morning and sat around pooey until the urge to do my morning poop grew strong, and just added another big, semi-firm load to my undies. I’m still sitting in it now, right in my hardwood chair, and probably will for a few hours while pleasuring myself and enjoying the rich smell and sensation!

  4. Ishitpants2

    I don’t know it this counts, but here’s something I like to do.

    I build up a big poop, enjoy feeling it pushing and the urgency, and stand and let it out into the seat of my pants. Usually I pass a lumpy log, then a firm snake and finish off with some soft-serve. I can feel there is more shit in my ass, but I can’t easily push it out.

    So I stand (or sit on the toilet in pants) for a few minutes, sometimes, I piss my pants (love doing that) waiting for a new urge. If nothing comes within 5 minutes, I get out my rubber bulb syringe, lower my pants, and use it to irrigate my colon. I clench my cheeks real tight as I pull my shit filled pants back up tight against my ass so I still feel the warmth and then I let it all go, shooting water and shit into my previous load. I often piss while this happens. It feels awesome and when I lower my pants I can see two distinct loads in the seat of my pants.

  5. gaypantspooper Post author

    You bet it counts,Ishitpants2….It sounds AWESOME!!!! I would love to join you some time!

  6. bikerboy

    I have done a triple poop. Storing the shorty pants between poops is a problem because of the smell.
    Putting on pants full of cold clammy poop is not very pleasant and can stop you pooping more but it is nice to have far more bulk than you could do in a single poop.

  7. poopypampersboy

    Yep, felt awesome felt like a was I kid with a monster load. My briefs were so heavy and siting in them was incredible.

  8. Micky53

    I have used the same clothing to drop a load in. I found a lycra leotard and pooped a big load in it. After a week or so I had the house to myself for the day so I pulled them out of a plastic bag and found them covered in shit and wet with cold piss so I put them on and pissed in them to warm up and then dropped another load in them. Spent most of the day in them covering myself in shit. I cum 3 or 4 times before replacing them in the bag for next time. Great fun reusing clothing .