Blame It On The Job

For Me it was almost a sudden thing.Some thing I had never thought about.I thought only the elderly used adult diapers.
I was working for a apartment complex here in my home town that happens to have two universitys.I had to go look at a leaky bathroom sink drain in a unit where 2 very good looking collage girls lived.I knocked on the door and was led into the bathroom.When I opened the sink cabinet the 1st things I saw was 2 baby bottles and a package of pink pull ups adult size.I pictured the lady who had let me in,sitting around in one and got a bit turned on.Still,I had a job to do.I saw that the drain only needed a new washer so I went to my shop to get one.It took less than 5 mins to fix and I left.I never saw either of the 2 ladies again as they had moved out a few weeks later.It was while doing an inspection of the now empty unit that I again found some pull ups in the same bathroom.The package was open and only 3 were in it.I dont know why,but I had to have them.I put them in my truck and finished the inspection.As soon as I got home that Friday evening I locked the doors,closed the blinds and the curtains and put on a diaper!Wow! I couldn’t believe how erotic I found it.I had supper and sat in my favorite chair with a beer to watch TV.Of course drinking beer leads to a lot of peeing.I wasn’t quite ready to wet myself at this point but after so many trips to the bathroom I thought why not? After the last trip to the throne I grabbed a trash bag and 2 more beers.I sat there rubbing myself thru the diaper hard but not wanting to cum just yet.I’d stop till i was soft again,try to watch TV and drink my beer.Now I was begaining to feel the small urge to pee.I got up and headed to the toilet again.I stopped Myself and went for two more cold ones instead.After awhile I was squirming,then holding myself.I got up about to chicken out,but as I stood a small trickle started.I sat back down and fighting every instinct I let it just happen.When my bladder was empty I sat there as if I was another person in another place and time.I could feel the warm wettness every where.Almost on auto pilot I was rubbing my hardness thru the diaper.I think I set a record for the fastest come ever that night! Now,Im sure others have felt this way the 1st time but my next emotion was disgust at my self.Ah,,but the seed had been planted and the roots were growing.I took a long hot shower,then I threw away the used pull up along with the 2 unused ones.I swore never again! In a pair of shorts I sat and tried to watch TV. I could not stop thinking of the excitement I felt. Before going to bed,I got the 2 unsed diapers from the trash put one on and went to bed.I woke up Saturday morning a bit hung over and
needing to pee.I remembered I had a pull up on and thought what the heck?I’ll just lay here and use it.I found I just couldnt.I had a really good bed and didnt want to risk it.It was a warm Texas morning.It was a long ways before day light.My coffe was ready to brew and I coud hold on a bit longer,and I had a big back yard wood fenced in.
Cup of coffee in hand I sat on my patio and waited until it wouldnt wait any longer.I flooded that pull up and dripped thru the lawn chair on to the concrete.As I sat there repeating the night before i went slower wanting to last.I remember thinking,”Wow,Im outside in a soaking wet diaper and masturbating”! In alittle while I was done and went back inside.
I only had one pull up left so I decided to wait after my shower.Id put it on at bed time.I went about my normal Saturday.Yard work.Garden.A few friends called that evening wanting to come over.We grilled and drank.My ex girlfriend stopped by so We could talk.That didnt go so good.At last,I had My house to myself again.I shut everything down tight turned off all but the TV and got diapered.It was the last one so I didnt use it that night.The next morning I woke up with both urges.I had not gone #2 at all the day before,but I needed to now! I got up quickly and made a dash for the bathroom.I slammed the toilet seat down! Then I reached up to my waist to pull (my pull up?)down! Dare I? Screw it.I bent over just a bit and let it happen.WOW!I couldn’t beleive how it felt! When my bladder had drained and my bowles had emptied I was dizzy from the sensation.I sat on the floor against the tub.Oh oh! Talk about sensation!Here was a real one!I looked at myself in the full lenght mirror on the door.What a mess! I spent 20-30 mins on that floor before I took a shower enjoying myself.Stepping out of the shower I again felt disgust at my self,but,as I said earlier in this tale,the seed had been planted.I thought about the day Id first gone to fix that drain.The two girls who lived in that apartment.Did they do this and why the baby bottles? I tried to have a normal Sunday.I think The Cowboys won that day.Id just got my 1st computor and internet a few weeks ago.It was dial up back then.I typed in “adult diapers”.I wanted more but didnt want to go to the store.In my search I came across Adult Baby Diaper Lover. Here I am. Diapered. MY blankie wrapped around me.A bottle beside Me.Where are You Mommy?

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  1. I think the first time I did it I was too young to really cum, but by age 10 I was coming everyday in a diaper with my school buddy. and we played games and changed each others diaper. Now forty years later I still love the sensation of the diaper. It’s a fetish for life my friend enjoy it..

  2. oh I know what you mean, a diaper is so much fun, tr it out shopping once, you will shoot a load without even touching your cock

  3. I feel we have all been here at some point. I rarely feel any shame now and if I do, I can brush it off. This is a fetish for life and lets just love our dirty diapers without guilt.

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