Bizarre experience

Hey all.  Just felt I had to share this weird experience I had yesterday that got me thinking about a few things.


So the place I work is quite spread out with quite a few different departments, so there’s a lot of other workers I don’t know but who I do recognise and see around from time to time.  Yesterday, I was walking through a different department quite a ways from my own, and as I was approaching some stairs (to walk past them), I saw one of these people (who I don’t know but I do recognise) walking from the other direction, pause at the bottom of the stairs, and then head on up out of my sight – not that unusual, except that I noticed that he’d pissed his pants.  He was wearing these light cream khaki shorts, and there was a visible, dark yellow, round spot right around the middle of the crotch, at least the size of a DVD, maybe around the size of one of those small dinner plates?  I don’t know if he saw me, because he didn’t look up at me, but I wonder if he did because he paused before he disappeared?


Anyway, firstly, I didn’t think that I’d ever see someone in such a place with such obviously wet pants, ever.  Things like that only seem to happen to other people (and then I read about it here, hehehe).  But the weird thing was the reaction I had – I actually almost felt physically sick. It kind of reminded me of when I was in school, and other kids wet their pants in class, and I would always feel sick afterwards.  Once I even had to leave the class and I went to the toilet and thought I’d vomit, but I didn’t in the end.  It was that same kind of feeling.


And that got me thinking back, yet again, to this whole wetting fetish thing, and the duality of it all.  I know that for myself, I am really turned on by deliberate wetting, and I guess the naughtiness of defying convention, etc.  Whereas accidental wetting, in any setting, actually makes me kind of anxious/nervous, and obviously in instances like this one, a little sick.  I find it so odd that I can have two such vastly different reactions about essentially the same thing.


Anyway, I’m not expecting any particular response or discussion, but I just felt I had to get it off my chest and tell someone.  Wpb is good for that sort of thing!

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  1. Glad you felt secure enough to share that here. The stuff we internalize as kids often comes back to hit us up side of the head later in life. And yes, this is a good site to discuss these things. Thanks WPB.

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  3. I share your feelings.If someone had a genuine accident in public and was horribly embarrassed I would be embarrassed too.
    But if someone was doing it deliberately and enjoying it themselves I would be happy to watch.

  4. That’s interesting…I always felt uncomfortable as a kid when someone said they had to pee or in movies when one of the characters was desperate to pee or peed themselves. A few years later, I realized it was because it turned me on. You and I are quite opposite…I don’t really like the embarrassment, but desperation and not being able to make it is what turns me on, whereas deliberate wetting is just meh. 🙂

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