Birthday to Remember

To start of, I am a DL that mostly into wetting and once in awhile will mess. None of my friends know about my little secret. The story starts as I meet a few buds out for drinks on my birthday. Nothing big planned, so I decided to spice it up a bit and go out padded, which I have done around my friends many of times. This makes me happy cause I enjoy wetting myself and hate dirty bar bathrooms. Well we have been drinking for about 2 hours and playing pool. I have already pissed my diaper twice. I realize all the other guys have gone to the bathroom at least twice. I decide I better make a trip to the bathroom to make it look good. plus I really needed to see how wet I was.
This is where things take a strange turn. my friend Eric walks in about a minute behind me. He whispers in my ear…(your going to do everything I want the rest of the night or everyone will know your secret. I turned and looked at him puzzled. He went on to let me know that I hide it well. He also said his little bro wears Diapers. his bro squirms around right before he pisses when he is sitting and his pants start to swell. you have been ding the same thing tonight. So I know your diapered. So are we going to play my game or am I going to tell the rest of the guys. So agree. he lifts the back of my shirt and pulls his cock out and shoves it in the back of my diaper. I plead with him not to do it, that the diaper is already full. he just starts pissing without a care. some how the diaper held it all without leaking. but know I have wood and a diaper about to burst. I rush back to my chair to sit before anyone gets a good look. but as I sit, I feel some piss leak out around both legs. Now Eric comes back and sits next to me. he looks at my crotch and whispers you seem to have a problem. with an evil Smile.
He the suggest we chug a beer for my birthday. I am already feeling the need to pee but there is no place to piss. thank goodness the other guys decide it is about time to go. I might just make it The guys all head out. Eric made sure to buy both of us a beer to keep us there a little longer. The bar is just about empty besides us know. I really need to piss and since the guys are gone figure I can just go piss in bathroom. Eric has nothing to hold over me know. I was not thinking, Eric knows I am super ticklish, as I go by, he jabs my sides. I started pissing right away, by time I got it under control, I had large wet spots on both sides of my crotch. Stunned at what just happened, I did not see Eric snap a picture.
Eric starts by saying he wants to drive me home since a drank a lot. Finally something nice from Eric. he then tells me to finish pissing right there in my chair while we finish our beers or the guys get picture from tonight. Eric the diaper can’t hold any more. He replies back, that he knows and to bad. So there I sit pissing my pants literally. the wet spot gets bigger and bigger and piss begins to drip all over the floor. Now am super embarrassed, as we head out to the car. I am hopping not to see anyone. As we walk out a guy walks in. I am hoping the light is bad enough he can’t see how wet my pants are. we are almost to the car, I realize I have to take a shit. Eric I need to back in and use the bathroom. He goes you just did, you can make it to the house. I have to shit bro. I saw the look in his eye and the evil thoughts going through his mind. He just said get in. Eric, I am not kidding. He reached for his phone, so I gave in and got in the car. It was only about 3 minutes from the that a log starting pushing its way out. Knowing I was defeated, I just lifted my ass off the seat and let nature take its course. it was a huge load. As I lowered my self back in the seat, I could feel the shit filling my ass crack and all around my cock and balls. I looked at Eric and asked if he was happy.

Your going to be my bottom pig. You do not even like guys. But I go like shitty holes and I want to try yours. we get to his house. he pokes a small hole in the back of the diape Hr. He proceeds to breed my as through the shit in my diaper. He fell asleep still inside me. We I was wrong Eric does like boys. I am now his pig cum dump and I like it.

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