Birthday Poop

Yesterday was my birthday,I am now 28.Mom and Sally and I had planned a nice evening for me.As soon as Sally and I got home from work we changed out of our work clothes and put on black slacks to match the ones mom was wearing and grey sweat shirts as it was quite cool outside.There was no dinner being cooked that night as we were all going out to eat at the Bombay Grill on Washington Blvd in Ogden,Utah.After that we were going to see a movie at the Megaplex on 23rd.All of us had not pooped since Monday night and were feeling like we could poop later so we each had a generous dose of liquid stool softener to make sure it would be an easy soft poop and no trouble pushing it out when the time came.At 6pm we all got into mom’s car as it is bigger than mine,so more comfortable and she always carries a supply of towels and plastic bags to cover the seats if we have an ‘accident’ in our pants.She was our driver for the evening so we set off and in ten minutes we were parked behind The Bombay Grill.

We walked inside and found a nice table by the window and in a few seconds the owner came with the menu.He is a very nice man wearing a turban and we ordered our meals,all of us decided to have the same thing,a nice chicken curry,medium hot.He brought us large glasses of iced water which we enjoyed while we waited for him to cook our meals.The smell of the cooking making us more hungry as we sniffed in the lovely aroma.Soon our meals were placed before us and we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me and then started eating.The portions there are always generous so it was a struggle to eat it all but we just kept going and we succeeded in leaving three empty plates and three well stuffed tummies as we sat back and savored the tingling of out lips as the spicy curry lets us enjoy it for an hour after eat it.The owner cleared away our plates and asked what ice cream we would like as a birthday gift from him.We chose the ones we liked and he brought them out to us with a smile and wished me a happy birthday.We drank the rest of the water and slowly enjoyed the ice cream,then mom paid the bill and we walked back to the car for the short drive north to the theater.

By now it was 90 minutes since we took our stool softener so we parked close to the back doors of the theater and walked round to the entrance and chose the movie “Friend Request” which was a horror story and just what we wanted to scare the crap out of us.It started at 7.50 so we only had ten minutes to wait as we sat in our seats in a less occupied area of the theater.We had bought large cola drinks to sip as we watched as that would help with the hot lips we now had.We all had full bladders from the iced water at the restaurant so we knew we could not hold it until the end of the movie but we did not care.The lights went out and the screen lit up and were were into the movie.I won’t tell you what the movie was as that would spoil the story for you when you go to see it.We were getting well into the story which starts quite innocently of course and suddenly you get a shock,which made us all jump in our seats.It did make me let out a little pee in my pants which I stopped quickly but it felt good and there was plenty more to come.

Now we were just waiting for the next scary bit to shock us but not knowing when it would be.I could feel my bladder so bloated and it was hard to hold.My bowels were starting to grumble now as the stool softener started to work and I could hear mom and Sally too.I was sitting between them so I slowly put my arms round their shoulders and as the tension was building in one scene I gently tickled both their necks.They both jumped with shock and giggled as the both told me I had made them pee their slacks.This made me laugh so hard that my bladder let go and flooded my panties and slacks too,so now all three of us just let it flow and enjoyed the warm wet feeling all round out butts.On screen the tension was still building and our tension was building too in our bowels which now were telling us that they were ready to do something soon.In the movie the girl was walking slowly looking all around her and we knew something was going to get her,but it was still a shock when it happened with a sudden loud noise.

It literally scared the shit out of us.I felt my anus open and my lovely soft warm poop began to fill my panties.I leaned back in my seat to allow it all to fill my panties and get pushed forward as I eased up a little off the seat and relaxed.It just kept coming and I felt that wonderful warmth spread over my ass as I pushed to get the last of it out.I slowly eased down in the seat and felt my warm poop being forced forward,slipping over my pussy and making me tingle with excitement as I now forced myself down in the seat and started to squirm in the seat which spread the soft poop all over inside my slacks.It felt so amazing that I started to pee again which made it softer and it flowed so nicely as I ran my hands over the outside of the slacks pushing it as far as I could up the back and the front and round both sides until every inch of my panties must have been covered in shit and t felt so good.Now my pussy was desperate to be rubbed to relieve the pressure that was quickly building up in there.My hand slipped between my legs as I rubbed my throbbing pussy trying not to gasp too loud,and in about one minutes I felt a tremendous orgasm sweep over me and I gushed into my panties adding to the mess in there as I lay back in my seat quietly gasping and laughing in sheer delight.

Mom and Sally beside me were now rubbing and very soon they too were laid back gasping in pleasure.As the film was reaching the end we were ready to get up to leave as the credits ran,but each of us found that our panties had let out some soft poop onto our thighs and Sally and I worried that we might drop some poop as we left.Mom had thought of that and had brought several lengths of black wool which she gave to us to tie round our thighs below where the poop was sitting.We tied our slacks close to our legs and by now the credits were starting,so we got up carefully and walked up the few steps to the exit,then quietly left by the rear door which let us out not far from our car.Smartly walking to the car we jumped in and felt that satisfying squelch as we sat in our seats which we had already prepared with towels and plastic bags.We took a few moments to squirm in the seats before mom started up and drove us home.We walked inside and stripped off our tops and shoes and walked into the shower room where we untied our legs and took off our slacks,giving them a quick wash then throwing them in the corner.Now we got to the sexy part where we all stood under the spray and washed each other as we removed panties to reveal asses and pussies completely covered in soft poop.As always it felt so nice gently washing each other clean and exploring inside each other with a little sexy rubbing which led to more orgasms before we got dry and all got into my big bed where we kissed and sucked tits and fingered each other before we fell asleep.A very happy birthday to me.

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  1. Awesome story. I love filling my pants with poopy as I read your stories. Got a nice stinky mushy wet mess in my pajamas now šŸ™‚ keep up the great work debbie and happy birthday!

  2. mmmm so horny your story and they get more daring I think on day you just leave a pile of wet poo on the floor for someone to find sxx

  3. How about on one of your future adventures you include a male friend to pair up with mom? He would poop in his white briefs and you would all shit in your jeans, then trade them with each other and have a great play session. That could be great fun!

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