Birthday Fantasy

My wife surprised me on our birthday (we both share the same birthday) with tickets to an outdoor concert & festival that featured one of our favorite musicians. We live in Orlando and the festival was taking place at the South Florida Fairgrounds. We decided to leave early and make it an all day affair. So we woke early and got ready for the 3 hour drive. I was admiring my wife that morning as we were getting dressed. She is still just as sexy as the day I met her years ago. Watching her dress she put on a pair of Hanes cotton bikini panties with a cute floral print and slipped on a pair of my favorite Old Navy jeans. They were lightly faded from wear and fit her quite tight yet comfortably. For her top she picked out a simple green colored Roxy tank top. I dressed similar in just jeans and t-shirt. We opted for flip-flops since it was July in Florida and would most likely get pretty hot as the day went on. We packed a cooler full of water and snacks and made coffee for the drive.
Upon arriving at the festival grounds a few hours later, my wife said she needed to find a bathroom pretty quick, all the water and coffee had caught up with her. After shoving a bunch of waters into my backpack we headed out. The fairgrounds were huge, we walked around for a bit and finally found a restroom. Luckily the lines were still pretty short. We both went in and emptied our bladders then continued meandering the grounds to see the sights.
I stopped at a drink tent to get myself a cold beer and my wife a wine. It was only mid morning and the temperature was already getting hotter than expected, it was already in the low 90s. We ended up finding one of those misting stations and wandered into it to cool off. For several moments we just stood in the spray holding each other, cooling off and enjoying the moment. After getting slightly damp, we continued on, walking hand-in-hand. We had finished our drinks and she asked me to get refills while she visited the restroom again. I was surprised that the first glass went through her so quickly. I went to the tent and she got in line for the bathroom, which by this time had grown quite long.
After getting the drinks I went to join her. The line hadn’t moved all that much and she started looking a little desperate. I asked her if she wanted to find somewhere else to pee. She said she didn’t need to pee, the coffee we drank on the way had started moving her bowels. The line was taking forever and she was starting to fidget more and more. We weren’t moving very fast and had already gone though our second drinks pretty quickly. She gave me her empty glass and asked me to get rid of it.
I found a garbage and got back to my wife still waiting in line, but looking very worried. I could tell her body was starting to cramp up. By now she had been waiting in line for almost 45 minutes. She stood there for another couple minutes when suddenly a large cramp hit her. When it passed she grabbed my arm and quickly walked us out of the line.
“I can’t wait in this line. I need to find an open restroom now,” she said to me. We quickly searched the grounds, finding each restroom with a line just as long as the first. As a last resort, she started for the line of port-a-potties at the edge of the grounds. The whole way there she was holding her stomach and pausing every once in while to subdue the cramping. We reached the port-a-potties, all three of them, and there was no line at all. My wife quickly ran the rest of the way and went into the first one, only come back out immediately. She check the second, and the third.
“I guess we know there were no lines,” she said. Each one was disgusting inside. Someone decided it would be a nasty prank to smear poop on the toilet seats. Another big cramp hit my wife and she doubled over trying to hold on. When it subsided she grabbed my arm and started dragging me behind the port-a-potties. Suddenly she just stopped in her tracks, I could see the worry in her eyes. Looking up at me she just said, “If I take one more step it’s going to come out.” I just stepped over and gently put my arms around her. I felt her relax, putting her face down in my chest and began crying a bit. I faintly started smelling an odor of poop, but couldn’t tell if it was from her or the port-a-potties.
“Did you just…?” I paused not really sure how to ask. Softly, with a slight tremble, she said “Yes.” I knew then the smell was coming from her pants. She stopped for a moment then I felt her arms hold me a bit tighter and her body tensed up a bit. She was actually bearing down to finish what she started.
When she was done we just stood there in silence for a moment, still in each other’s arms. I gently reached down to feel how bad it was. Her jeans must have been tight enough that it mostly just spread out in her panties. There was a bit of a flattened bulge, but not too noticeable.
She finally broke the silence, looked up at me with tears in her eyes, sniffled and asked, “Is it bad?” I said, “Not that I can tell, your ass feels just as sexy as it always does.” She smiled slightly and said, “Thanks.” I asked her what she wanted to do. She just stood there for a moment, staring off into the festival. Her hands gently reaching back to feel her load.
“I think we should just stay and enjoy the concert like we planned.” I was a little shocked, “What!?” I asked. “Do you want some help cleaning up?” “No, I’d rather wait until I can shower properly. Besides, these are the only pants and underwear I brought. I don’t have anything else to change into. We might as well just stay.” “Are you sure?” I asked. “Yes,” she replied looking at me. Her eyes had stopped tearing and her spirits were a bit lighter. I was still a bit shocked but responded, “Alright, but anytime you feel you want to leave just say the word.” “Ok,” she said. “Now go fetch me another glass of wine.” I went over to get her another glass of wine and another beer for myself.
Next to the beer tent was a vendor selling t-shirts. I found a dark, long-sleeve shirt, I took it along with the drinks back to my wife. I gave her the shirt and told her to tie it around her waist, as it would hide any evidence of her accident. She tied it on, took her glass of wine, grabbed my arm and said, “Where to now?” I was still in a bit of shock, but I just started leading her back into the crowd.
We walked holding hands for a while enjoying the music and browsing the merchandise. I kept the wine flowing thinking it would help her relax after her accident. What I didn’t think of was eventually my wife would probably need to pee after drinking so much. That moment happened about an hour later. She squeezed my hand tight and I asked her what was wrong. She said that she needed to pee and really didn’t want to pull down her soiled pants then pull them back up again. I thought for a moment and told her she could try a few options. She could go into a restroom, sit on the toilet pulling just her jeans down and pee through her panties, or pull the crotch of her panties to the side so they don’t get wet. She opted to try the last option. We went back to the restrooms and waited. The line went quite a bit faster this time and she was done in no time. When she came out I noticed her hands were hiding the front of her crotch. As she got closer I saw that her crotch was soaked. I asked, “What happened?” motioning to her wet crotch.
She replied, “I try pulling down my jeans but they are so tight that they started pulling my panties down too. So I pulled them back up and didn’t know what to do. I quickly sat on the toilet with my jeans still on and just peed through my jeans. The wetness stayed in the crotch and soaked down under my butt. It seemed to work pretty good. I dabbed my jeans with some napkins so they wouldn’t drip.” I reassured her that I would take us home if she wanted to leave. She said, “Nope, but give me a water bottle. I want to make this less obvious that I just peed my pants.” I grabbed one out of my pack and watched to see what she was going to do. Opening the bottle, she began to slowly start pouring it over her chest. “Boy is it hot out!” she exclaimed. I just smiled at her and admired her cleverness. When she was done the front of her tank top was soaked along with her bra. The water had also soaked down to wet the top part of her jeans and had met up with her wet crotch. Now if anyone looked at her they would think she just cooled herself off by pouring water down the front of her.
It was now about noon and we started getting hungry, so we found a stand that was selling some burgers and hotdogs along with more beer and wine. We got our order and continued walking around while eating our lunch.
After finishing our lunch I again asked if she wanted to go home since we had seen pretty much everything. She replied, “I made it this far, what’s a few more hours? Besides, since we are staying, we might as well stay for Jack. Let’s drink some water, I’m really starting to feel the effects of all the wine.” I agreed, since I was also driving home later that day. We got more water from the pack and continued walking around for a few more hours. I kept discreetly checking her backside, but her accident was still hidden under the t-shirt. Her jeans and tank top were now dry from the heat as well.
It was now late afternoon and storm clouds had been forming all over making it look like it was about to rain. Typical Florida afternoon storm, it didn’t just start raining, it started pouring. We were stuck out in the open, but it was a nice break from the heat. In no time we were completely drenched. I looked at my wife, she looked so sexy with her tank top plastered to her chest, her tight jeans going shiny as they became completely soaked. The shower lasted about 20 minutes and the hot sun came out again.
I looked at my wife, admiring her wet clothes when I noticed the insides of her legs looked pretty soaked with water still running down them. She just grinned and said, “Since our clothes were completely soaked I took advantage of the opportunity to empty my bladder again.” So for the second time today my peed her pants.
By early evening our clothes had pretty much dried from the hot sun and we had seen pretty much everything except for the main attraction. which was Jack Johnson, our favorite musician. We walked over to the stage where he was performing, hung out and waited for him to start. He was scheduled to begin around 7. We had gotten there early and ended up getting a great spot near the stage. Jack started playing his first song and immediately my wife pulled me over to start dancing. We made it through most of his performance when my wife she she needed to pee really bad. She had been holding it to try and make it through the entire show.
Just as we started working our way through the crowd he started playing “Better Together”, our wedding song. We looked at each other and knew we just couldn’t leave now. This is why my wife bought the tickets. I put my arms around her and we started dancing. Halfway through the song she tensed and looked up at me, we both knew what was about to happen. She just pulled me closer and started kissing me. I felt her body relax just like her accident earlier and heard the faint splattering of liquid on the ground. My wife started completely pissing her soiled jeans while she was making out with me! I held her tighter, kissed her more passionately, and proceeded to relax myself, completely soaking my jeans as well. We finished dancing and let our pee finish dripping from our pants. When the song ended my wife whispers in my ear, “I think now is the time to go home.” All I could do was look at her and think that she stayed in soiled pants all day just to have our wedding dance live. I pulled her closer and kissed her again for several minutes. She finally pulled away smiling and said, “Let’s get out of here before people start to notice our wet pants!”.
I took her hand and we ran to our car. We made it to the parking lot with only a few people noticing our wet jeans. Finally at the car I cornered my wife against the passenger door, pushed her against it putting my arms around her and passionately kissing her. I said the was the best birthday gift I have ever had. She started to kiss me back. But when I reached down and began grabbing and squeezing her behind she seemed to remember the mess that was in her pants. She stopped and said, “Lets get home quick so I can clean up.” She untied the shirt she had been wearing all day and through it in the back. I just glanced at her ass as she was climbing in the car and noticed her jeans were soaked to her feet and stained brown all in the seat and a few inches down her thighs. So I found a towel in back to cover her seat. I got in and we started making our way out of the parking lot. We had a three hour drive ahead of us.
It was about two hours when we both had to pee again. I asked if she wanted to stop somewhere. She thought for a moment then said, “No. I don’t really want to get out in my soiled jeans.” With that she just relaxed and peed into her pants again. She was still sitting on the towel so I wasn’t too worried about the seat. I had to go too, but we only had the one towel and I gave it to my wife since she had more that just pee to deal with. So I just tried to hold it.
Another half hour into our drive, my wife had fallen asleep and my need to pee had gotten worse. in a half hour and we’d be home, but I just couldn’t hold it. I had been slowly leaking for the past ten minutes hoping to take the pressure off but it was no use. I just relaxed and completely soaked my jeans and the car seat.
We finally got home, it was dark out, quite late, and my wife was stirring from her nap. I unlocked the house and she went back to our bedroom while I gathered the backpack and anything else to bring in. Once inside, I was a little surprised that I didn’t hear the shower running. I went to our bedroom and found my wife tucked in bed still wearing her soiled jeans.
“Why aren’t you cleaning up?” I asked. “It’s late and I’m too tired. I’ll do it tomorrow.” I just shrugged my shoulders and got in bed, still wearing my damp jeans as well. I moved myself right up behind her to cuddle. She gently moaned as I spooned right up against her and fell asleep.
The sun woke us a few hours later as it came streaming through the bedroom windows. As my wife stirred awake she didn’t seam to notice right away that she still had her soiled jeans on from the day before. Both of our jeans had dried over night, but my wife’s were still full of poop. When she finally realized, she rolled over and said, ”I guess I need a shower, and you have some laundry do.” I kissed her and pulled her on top of me. Laying on my back she kissed me and put one knee on either side of my hips. She asked if I liked the birthday gift. I said I loved it and that it was the best day that I had ever had and kissed her again. She kissed me back but more passionately. I suddenly felt this warm wetness around my crotch and realized she was peeing her jeans again, this time on top of me. When she finished, she began to slowly rub her crotch over my hardening penis. Still kissing me, she started moving faster and harder. We were both getting very turned on. I started moving my hips in rhythm with her. My hands made their way to the back of her jeans. Her ass was soaked from having just peed. I began squeezing her ass and squishing her load around in her panties. She didn’t seem to mind at all, in fact she started moaning as I squeezed harder. We were now dry humping through our wet and soiled jeans and moving faster with every thrust. It wasn’t very long before we both climaxed and came in our jeans. I laid there and she just collapsed on me for a moment.
I lightly patted her ass and asked if she wanted help cleaning up. “No, I think I can handle it. You can get started on the sheets,” she told me. I asked her how it felt. She said that it was gross at first but then got used to the feeling after a while and it didn’t bother her that much anymore. She even said that if caught in a similar situation, she would probably choose to just go in her pants again rather than try to fight it. I kissed her again and let her get in the shower while I stripped the sheets from the bed and tossed them in the washer. I then joined her in the shower to clean myself up as well.

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  1. Very, very hot… couldn’t refrain myself from peeing and pooping my tight jeans while reading it ! Of course, I cummed my poop-loaded and pee-soaked jeans as well !

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