Birthday at the Bar

Dave walked into his favorite bar at around 6:00 like he told the bartender. Inside, he saw the usuals sipping the last of their beers. Everyone was wearing small shirts that tried desperately to contain the big guts behind them. Everyone also seemed very gloated, like they had just eaten a ton of food. Dave walked to the bar with a joyous mood, as it was his birthday, and he ordered a beer. The bartender already knew it was his birthday, so he made an announcement to all the people (which were all men) in the bar; at tables or at the bar. The bartender, or Peter, said:

“Hello, Hello! May I have your attention! All of you know Dave, I assume…”

Everyone in the bar nodded or acknowledged with some gesture.

“I would like to announce that today is his birthday! And for his birthday, we will all sing happy birthday to him like he’s 5.”

Feeling surprised, Dave began to say:

“No, Peter, man, this isn’t necessary, I just wan -”

Then all at once the men in the bar began to sing with their deep voices:



Dave sat at his barstool sitting the opposite way from the bar. He looked at all the hot men wearing jeans and small plad shirts singing to him. All he wanted was to just enjoy a beer for his birthday, but this was so much more than he wanted. Little did he know, however, he was going to receive a present as well…


Four hours, earlier…

All of the men were at the bar before Dave had gotten there. Peter had called everyone over to the bar to discuss his plan for Dave’s birthday:

“Today is Dave’s birthday, and he will be arriving here at about 6. I want all of you to pretend that you don’t know its his birthday, but still know, since we are gonna do something special for him. I’m going to announce to all of you that it is his birthday, then I want all of you to sing “Happy Birthday” to Dave. This next part, though, will seem a weird and really awkward, but bear with me here. Dave has talked to me about his personal pleasures… This will seem absolutely ape shite crazy, but Dave enjoys men, including himself, shit their pants.”

Peter paused as everyone recoiled a bit, but didn’t complain.

“I know, it’s crazy, but he is gay and I want everyone to do this for him even if you don’t feel comfortable. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll do it too. Dave is a cool guys, and he deserves something special for his 40th birthday. Now, everyone please sit down where you like, and please order whatever meal would would like off the menu, as long as it’s big.

Later after Peter told the men what was going to happen, some of the men looked a little anxious, but others seemed quite normal, which Peter assumed some would. After the chef put much hard work into cooking meals for the guys, Dave walked into the bar. And you know the rest up to now.



The last chorus of the song ended with a big long “you” and Dave started to turn around to continue sipping at his delicious beer. Peter however, stopped his chair from turning around, and pushed it back to it’s original direction. Dave recoiled back as he saw all the men getting up onto chairs or tables with their asses facing Dave. Everyone in the bar stood up and leaned forward putting their asses right in Dave’s direction. Even Peter stuck his gorgeous wrangler ass at Dave from on top of the bar counter. Even though it wasn’t discussed before, everyone teased Dave with their asses a bit, and then pushed.

For Dave, this was a dream come true. He felt a little awkward that everyone now obviously knew his secret, but at the same time he felt so fucking horny. He started stroking his dick through his white cacky pants, and watched as everyone began to fill their pants. Some people’s shit came out fast and smooth, and made a brown streak on their jeans, others pushed out hard and slow, and began to dent their jeans with a shit bulge. Everyone’s first turd had smuthered its way out of their asses, and then the messy stuff happened. Wet sharts and bowel movements happened everywhere, and a chorus of farts rang out almost as loud as the happy birthday song. Everyone’s jeans were filled up and bulging with shit. Dave’s dick extended so hard and he released a volcano’s load of precum.

Things got even better. Everyone then began to unbuckle their belts and unbutton their jeans. Everyone at once shoved down their jeans and revealed their underwear. Some of the men were wearing tighty whitys, and others were wearing grey boxers. Everyone, however, shared one similarity; everyone’s backside was destroyed. Then everyone proceeded to sit down, with their loads, onto their chairs. Dave could here the delicious, mouth-watering sound and smell from everyone and everywhere.

Dave sat their wide-eyed and open-mouthed for about a minute and then turned around to Peter, who came out from behind the bar and sat down next to Dave, with his underwear still showing. Peter’s fat, plump legs crushed the shit load, and Dave could see it oozing up around his back and balls. “Happy birthday man,” said Peter. he had this tone of voice that really told Dave that he made everyone do this.

Dave immediately spun around again once more and said, “I think it’s only fair that since Peter put all of you up to this, that I do it myself, just so none of you feel awkward and that we are all equal. So, like Dave promised, he turned his fat ass around and pushed. Since he had done this before, he didn’t struggle. He pushed hard, and it all came out relatively fast despite it being hard. The turd just kept coming and didn’t seem to stop. you could actually see the turd coiling around itself making a spiral pattern, then getting flattened out as more shit poured out. He let out a long, vicious shart that lasted for 6 or 7 seconds, and then sat down. Everyone could clearly see the back of his white pants were completely brown and slightly tinted green.


Dave finished his beer as he talked with Peter. Dave noticed that some of the men went to go clean up in t he bathroom, while others stayed in the delightful stench. When Dave was finished, he thanked Peter, and then proceeded to thank all of the other men who seemed turned on by their shit. He also got all of their numbers except 1 or 2 because they didn’t seem very into it. Since Dave was single, he got home and immediately started making arrangements for a party this weekend.

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  1. Fuck me….

    A whole bunch of chubby, hairy dudes shamelessly shitting themselves and stinkin’ up the place? You definitely hit the mark here; chubby guys dumping out huge loads is what I crave. 😉

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