Biker Gets Caught Short-True Story

Last Saturday I hit the jackpot of shit experiences EVER. I was doing some shopping and had my arms loaded up when I saw a couple come into the store, the guy was tall, and husky, wearing a black leather Harley Davidson jacket and cowboy boots. He had a black mustache and looked like a real tough guy. They were casually walking into the store, he was leaning on the cart when he stopped and grimaced, turned to his wife and said “I gotta go” I’ll catch up with you. The wife started laughing hysterically and off he went. Curious, I followed. He was turning the corner in front of me and I could see him pick up the pace a bit. We were walking down the hall to the door of the men’s room. I can see him clenching his butt cheeks together. Then he farted, a big wet one, and I knew it was a mess in his shorts. A wet spot was appearing as he turned into the can and headed for a stall. We were alone in there so took the stall next to his and listened. He was panting and swearing softly. Without waiting he dropped his shitty underwear and sat down releasing a torrent of wet shit and farts…a total explosion which he followed with a sigh and a grunt. He waited a minute or so and grunted again, a big long wet fart and some pudding. I was sitting there squeezing out farts of my own and I said, “Nothing like a good shit eh?” He laughed and said, “Oh boy…every time I go to Perkins this happens course the beer last night doesn’t help” and then he farted a big wet one and chuckled. I followed with one of my own. He said, “I saw you behind me and I thought poor guy looks as bad as me…worst thing is you probably heard me shart, now I have to clean up myself, but this sure feels great and I get out of shopping. We sat there for about 15 minutes farting and dumping away. It was awesome. I cleaned up as he wiped out his underwear, I handed paper towels wet with water under his door and said, “Nice shittin with you, take it easy” I saw him about ten minutes later as we passed each other in the store, He smiled and looked at me and nodded.

It was awesome

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