Bike to the shore – A bit of a mess and a good find…

A few years ago, I took a 30 mile (48 km) roundtrip ride to the nearby beach. It was one of those perfect, gorgeous days in the middle part of the summer. The weather had dried out after being awfully humid the week before. This day was somewhat cool, sunny, and dry. I put on a pair of well-used white Pierre Cardin underwear I purchased for $2.00 (I wish there were more) from a closeout-discount store nearby. They were full-cut boxer briefs without a fly, I suppose they could be called sports briefs. under a pair of denim shorts I had purchased at the same time for $5.00.

I headed out on my bike via the woods instead of the main road. This is a mountain bike – a trail bike actually, and can ride in the woods over rocks and sticks without getting stuck. When I got to the woods, I had to pee very badly as I hadn’t gone first thing when I got up.

Where I live, there are hills no matter which way or where I go. This woodland park, which I’ve written about before is no exception. As I climbed up a very steep hill, I stopped and rested and peed right there soaking my underwear and shorts right through. When I finished, I continued walking along as I pushed my bike up the steep path.

I finally made it out to the road and stopped for a rest near the ball field. There’s a community college here and a baseball diamond, and I have found underwear in the woods here a couple of times. Today, however, there were none much to my disappointment. I sat down on the bench near the road and rested. I drank a bit of water and had to pee again so I wet my pants and let it spurt all over me and the ground. I then got up and started riding again.

It was quite windy and quite cool and much cooler now that I was wet through. My saddle had a puddle on it from my wet pants and made squishing sounds as I pedaled. I road for about 2 miles until I reached the main road, a local highway which passes under the interstate. As I road along, I looked for disposed underwear. Sure enough, I cam across a pair of mesh Jockey Boxer briefs. These are white with black panels and are more like shorts. I scoffed these up when no traffic came along and shoved them into my shorts under my shirt! What a find! A nice pair of men’s underwear on the road! I continued my ride. Up yet another hill and around the corner. A few miles later I came across a pair of green Jockey Bikini-style men’s briefs. I scoffed those up too and put those into my front pocket. I continued my ride along and found another pair but didn’t grab those. They were sadly dumped into some poison ivy and I didn’t want to face the risk and consequences of contacting that horrible stuff. This pair was a pair of red boxer briefs, which I couldn’t tell which brand. Oh I wished I could have grabbed them!

I got to a side road which would lead me back to my house, or out to the shore. I chose instead to continue along the river towards the shore. It was an enjoyable ride with the shade and the breeze. Occasionally, I’d push a little into my pants and fart. I had the urge to drop a load, but could not for some reason. I did stop though and wet myself again. My denim shorts were quite soaked through, though. They had dark blue with splotches anyway so no one else really noticed unless they were up close. I did run into a couple of people walking who complimented my new bike I was riding. I stood there with wet pants, with a slight odor of pee, and talked about the bike, brand, cost, and where I got it.

The rest of the ride was just a long ride… Finally I made it to the old city on the shore. I still had a bit of a ride, and had to stop. By now I had ridden about 15 miles (24 km) and was quite pooped out. I sat on a stonewall and had a snack, some crackers with peanut butter and some apple juice. This rejuvenated me a bit, and I had to pee again which I did right there. People biking by never noticed my puddle or anything going on which was both disappointing and a relief at the same time.

The shore was about another mile or two out on the island. The strong east wind was very, very cold and in my face the whole time. This head wind also made it very difficult to ride, and I considered turning around and heading home. I continued on to the shore anyway… The sandy beach was quite warm, considering the cold wind off the water. I walked along the beach and found more underwear in the dunes. I grabbed an old pair of Hanes white underwear which were left there probably from someone changing into their swimsuit, and a pair of grey FTL boxer briefs. There were clean, but obviously worn.

Now all I had on was a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, and no bike bag on the bike. How was I going to carry the underwear, which of course I didn’t want to give up? I tied the underwear together and put it around my waist under my T-shirt. It worked well! At this count, I now had 4 pair of nice underwear waiting for my next ventures!

After hanging out on the beach, watching people and eating a snack, I headed back home. By now I really had to poop and I was getting a bit urgent to do so. I rode back to the bridge and went down to where the old road used to be. People park there as it’s now a rest area and fish in the inlet. I stood around and looked for a nice place to sit. It was quite chilly and windy here, which made sitting comfortably difficult. Finally, I found a place in the sun and sat against one of the old bridge piers left there as a parking curb.

I leaned back, closed my eyes and pushed. I farted a nice gassy one and the poop touched my shorts and underwear. With the wet underwear, the poop became quite sticky immediately and spread out when I pushed it with my hand. I then pushed a bit more and finished it off. I couldn’t wait and hold it any longer!

I then rubbed myself and came big time in my shorts. I stayed there for a bit then contemplated the long ride home. I didn’t bother to empty my pants, and Instead of heading along the river, I took a bit more direct, but more hilly ride. I rode a long squishing and flattening the mess in my pants on the trip home. I could smell the poop and pee as I rode which made me quite hard even though I was already done. Eventually it did become quite sore and my ass was a bit chafed from not cleaning, but when I got home, I did an unveiling on video which I had posted up on Men in Brown. Sadly this video is lost, but if anyone remembers it, please download it and upload it here. That surely was a trip and a half!

Today, I still have a couple of pairs of the underwear left. I recently uploaded a few pics of a mess in the green Jockeys I found on that day, as well as a couple of videos of them. The mesh underwear is another favorite of mine which I wear quite often as well. The other two pair, well they ended up being really trashed over the years and I eventually had to toss them.

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  1. nice story. I do similar biking but normally with diaper instead of underwear.
    it’s a pity your video is lost.

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