Biggest Poop Ever

Well last weekend I went camping with some friends. I’d just gotten a little job at  pizza place prior to that and part of the orientation was trying all the food we had to offer. Well I guess my body wasn’t really appreciative of tons of pizza for a week and my bowels got pretty locked up. I mean completely locked up. I hadn’t pooped for three days and I could feel it building up inside of me but it just wouldn’t come out. So I went on the camping trip, had fun, but no poop. On the drive back we stopped at a little restaurant and ate. It felt like I had to go sooooo bad and I knew the hour and a half drive back would be torture so I decided to at least try again. So I went into the stall and sat and pushed with all my might. It started “crowning” and I got excited. FINALLY! A weeks worth of poop was finally coming out… and man was it big. So big it got stuck IN my butt hole. I don’t know if this has ever happened to anyone else but it was literally stuck half way out. I wouldn’t “suck” it back in but I couldn’t push it out either. I panicked. How in the world was I going to deal with this?!I sat there for 5 minutes trying to think of something. Finally I tried getting some toilet paper and shoving it back up. Didn’t work- exit only. I tried picking it out a bit, STILL didn’t work. Finally I remembered my friend going through labor and her pushing and breathing exercises. Why not? This turd was the size of a baby. Finally after a few minutes of poop labor I forced it out of me and heard a loud PLUNK. It hurt but I’d never felt more relieved. I wiped and saw a hint of blood but none on the second wipe. I stood up- I had to see this monster. It was seriously the size of my arm. I couldn’t believe that came out of me! I flushed and the stupid thing got clogged. Not by my poop but the tp I’d put in there before. So with no other options I left my deposit sitting right there for whatever poor soul came in after me. I was so embarrassed but hey, what could I do? Anyway, I pooped like four more times that day. Nothing was as big as that one though. Thought you poopers might like this little story 😉

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  1. great storie and I know the fealing, but if this happens again you must insert just about anything, so veggies, bananas or tiys and use some crisco shorting, it will come out, and when you want it to

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