Biggest Load Ever

All day today I had to take a giant dump. Ever since I got to school, I was holding in a load. So, I decided that when I got home, I was going to totally load my pants. After hours of holding it my poop, I got home. As I walked upstairs, I started to strip down my clothes just to my briefs. I went into the bathroom and quickly sat on the toilet. The first log was poking out. I sat on the toilet and prepared to push. It was going to be a huge one. The first turd came out and into my pants. It was very warm a smelled horrible, both of which turned me on. The first lo was very log and coiled in my briefs. I pushed out another log. It felt so good. I then pushed and another turd came out, along with diarrhea. It was amazing. Two more logs came out, and my briefs were loaded. I pulled out my penis and started to jerk off. I came quickly, and then cleaned up.

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  1. I’d love watch in person as you loaded them up.

  2. This sounds all too familiar – saving up the poop for the right time as the urge gets stronger and stronger as the poop gets bigger and bigger, and softer too.

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