Biggest and Wet Pooping EVER!

Well, usually I hold in my mess for about 2-4 weeks so when i do mess in my boxers, itll be a HUGE MESS and itll take a long time to clean it up. Just a while ago, I ate dinner and such and then i start to have cramps in my stomach as i really need to poop but i try to hold it so it’ll be much better when i am prepared but today was much different as the cramps were getting worse and worse and then i started to fart a lot and each time i farted, it felt like the poop was trying to come out as it felt really wet and sloppy in my hole. But then I couldn’t hold it in anymore as it was almost ready to come out in a full burst so i walked to the bathroom holding it in (I held it for about 4 1/2 weeks). As soon as i closed the door, my butt was leaking a bit poop onto my boxers as i really wanted to poop in tight boxers but i was letting out soft grunts cause my butt was hurting a lot but then i let out a hard push as it felt like heaven as i felt out the longest and wettish poop into my boxers as it lasted about 15 seconds. I kept grunting and panting as it was so delightful. I wish i had a camera so ya’ll would’ve saw it. My boxers were totally ruin as the bulge was close down to my knees due to the result. Scat was leaking down my legs and my butt. i wanted to squish it but it was already too much of a mess so i just took it off and cleaned myself. And the biggest thing is, I NEED TO POOP AGAIN BUT ILL HOLD IT LONGER! XD

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