Big poop

I had to poop since the night before so when I tried to go I couldn’t get it out.  I pushed and pushed it was huge after about 20 minutes of pushing it came out.  When I looked it was the size of a soda can and hurt like hell and was very firm….I tried to let it out in my pants but couldn’t.  It hurt so much but I would have loved to do it in my pants and sit in it….

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  1. I hate it when that happens. I had to go so bad like that once that I did it standing up. I planned on a pants poop, even rode my bike to my favorite spot, but couldn’t get it out in my pants.

    I stood there upright with my pants and dirty underwear to my ankles as I pushed the longest, fat log I ever pushed in my life. It hurt terribly and made me bleed.

    It’s been only one other time since then that I had something like it, and that one I did in my pants. I then sat on it and flattened it down to a hard lumpy pancake.

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