Big poop in my white JC Penney Briefs

I absolutely love to grunt and push a big poop in my JC Penney full cut briefs. Right now I am on a business trip and have had such an exciting urge to shit in my underwear. I just checked into my hotel and noticed there was a big mirror in front of the bed. That is exciting because I LOVE TO SPREAD and show my briefs and the crotch in the mirror. This gives me a great opportunity to see the big poopy inside my crotch. I just let it out and pushed hard and just love the big sag in my crotch.
It feels awesome and I love to smell it. I am sitting in it and so enjoying it. If I was not married I would want to join up in a scat panty pooping group. I dream about being with other people both men and women who like to poop in front of others.

Just love to smell my shitty but!!

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  1. I also love pushing a big turd into my underwear. Currently, I am enjoying Munsingwear full cut briefs. I like to drop a load into them when they are hanging a bit loose so the turd keeps it’s log shape! Feels so good and looks so hot in the seat of my pants! I love pissing the briefs as well, the absorb the piss and get really soaked!

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