Big naughty school boys dirties his panties Part Two

It was 4pm and I smelt that familiar odour of cigarettes. Big Neil was just outside the boys’ toilets – right on time! I had told him only a few days before what I had seen near the school and that I knew the guy he’d been with. I waited and then I heard his heavy footsteps. He came to the end cubicle as arranged, and tapped gently on the door. The stall door opened slowly and he was breathing heavily. I saw he already had a hard on in his pants. He was into this after all…

I knew the janitor really well and told him I’d forgotten something so he told me to lock up and bring the key’s over to his house next to the school when I had finished. He was habitually lazy and anyway, they cleaned the boys’ toilets early the next morning.

I told Big Neil to take his shirt off as I went to lock the door. He lit up another cigarette and didn’t seem as nervous as he had only a few days before. His big white tits, glistening with slight sweat, looked voluptuous: very firm and totally smooth. He saw my staring at them and smiled, taking another drag of his cigarette. He moistened his big, full lips with his tongue and looked like he was ready to blow me… He was a big, solid boy…

I told him that he was going to be our new ‘weapon’ in the school yard. He seemed confused almost startled. One of my mates had a brilliant idea: Big Neil filled his pants and any boys who didn’t want to give us a share of their pocket money now and again would have to undergo ‘suffocation’ under his huge buttocks after he’d watched Big Boy do the business in his panties.  Quite simply, after Big Neil filled his pants and they would then be sat on. He looked at me for a moment, took another drag from his cigarette, and then said slowly … OK… I’ll do it.

Then he came up to me and told me that he really needed to have a dump. I saw his big white firm legs and the black socks which trimmed the top half of his mighty calves. I told him to leave the door open and he deliberately turned round to reveal his massive, pale and very firm, round arse. Then, as if in a really hot porno, he sighed and laid a massive fart. I sniffed the air and got an automatic boner. I told him to get the little bottle out of his bag and he did. He inhaled it first and his eyes grew very horny. He farted again and I told him to keep in the dump until I’d tried the little bottle. He obeyed. Suddenly I felt his hands on my trim belly and he started kissing it, then his tongue started licking me, slowly… Before I knew it we were kissing with tongues and it was so f****ing hot for us. I groped his big titties and felt up those humongous buttocks.

‘In my pants or into the toilet?’ he asked me with a flushed grin on his face. ‘Toilet…’ I moaned as he started to give me head. He took another sniff from the little bottle and then the big dirty boy bombs dropped into the toilet pan…. Thud, thud, thud… the smell rose and it was already getting hot in the stall. He was sucking me so good I felt his hot, wet, rough tongue work me and those big lips on my shaft… He gave me head for a good ten minutes until I eventually came profusely in this mouth. He just kept pumping and licking with his cropped, blond head, and farting intermittently… I pulled away and tucked my privates into my trousers.

‘Now sniff from the little bottle and wank off’ … He obeyed. The big farmer’s boy was now doing as he was ordered to…jerking off after doing a huge, filthy dump and servicing me in the toilets… He came and then I got some paper and I barked at him to bend over… I smelt his big, moist crack and felt the huge, firm buttocks. After I wiped him clean and sniffed the paper,  we had a long, lusty snog before going our separate ways. I dropped the keys off with the janitor who had been dosing in front of the TV.

We arranged to meet after school next day in a disused building behind the main street. I wanted to discuss my plans for the playground and I wanted that arse… He had enjoyed it and what’s more he get off on it too… I was so looking forward to tomorrow… He was going to be such a whore with some other boys 🙂

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  1. He does in the next instalment and he services a lot of boys with his big, stinky, full panty 🙂

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