Big naughty school boy dirties his pants

I remember seeing him having a crafty fag behind the bike sheds at school – what a brave guy, I thought. He was 18, with cropped blond hair, twinkling blue eyes and built like a handsome, hefty farmer’s boy with a very round and pronounced arse. This boy’s arse was so big we used to make school boy jokes about it and almost every boy had copped a feel of it at one time or other. He always went for a ciggie at lunch time and then he would disappear behind some thick bushes just behind the Latin huts beside the railway tracks.

One day I decided to find out what he was up to. Luckily it was an overcast but dry day and I made sure I had enough time to get to where my class would be after lunch in the main building. I felt an odd kind of excitement as I wasn’t really sure what I would find when I got there. I had done my homework carefully and I knew exactly the spot where he usually went to.

Sure enough, Big Neil had his cigarette and then made his way into the overgrowth just behind the huts. I saw his big, firm buttocks strain the fabric of his trousers as he briskly got out of sight. He put his bag down and then had another cigarette. About a minute later a man appeared from the other side and they talked for a couple of minutes. He seemed to give him something – there was rustling – it sounded like paper, and then Big Neil finished the cigarette and joked. He dropped his trousers and revealed his massive, firm butt in big white underpants. The man, who looked in his early 30s, dropped his trousers and started to touch himself, muttering something under his breath. Next thing, Big Neil moaned and laid a huge fart. The man now started to kneel down and buried his head deep into the big boy’s ample arse. Neil kept farting and the guy started jerking his big, hard cock and calling him a ‘Big arsed dirty whore’ and the boy just kept on farting… So that’s what he was doing… Dirty boy… but so hot… what a surprise too…

After about 10 minutes of horny fart sniffing, Big Neil took off his shirt, revealing two big, very firm man boobies. The man got to work on them with what can only be described as a very hungry mouth and using very ripe language. Groping the 18 year boy’s big firm arse, they now began to kiss. Big Neil kept on trumpeting and this made the guy even hornier. Next thing I saw Big Neil sniffing from a little bottle and then nodding and saying he was ready. The man kissed him and also sniffed from the bottle and his cock was well hard. Big Boy’s huge white legs were solid and the massive ass cheeks behind him were clenched. He sniffed again at the bottle and then moaned as he felt the effects of it and then laid another massive fart. He slowly filled his underpants, groaning and moaning as he did the business. The guy was totally rock hard and was softly calling him filthy names. The boy’s face had pleasure written all over it as he continued to fill his underpants in front of the excited man nursing a huge hard cock in his hands. He turned the boy round and the underpants were full… three or more big, firm logs of shit now bulged through the underwear. Big Neil then got on his knees and fallated the man who was sniffing at the little bottle again. His big lips sucked hard on the man’s bugling cock and it was clear to me that he had done this many times before. The man released into his mouth and the boy swallowed. The man then sniffed all around the full underpants and wiped his dick on them. He gave the boy the bottle again and he sniffed long and hard. Then the man blew Big Neil, playing with the big teen’s titties until he too, released into his mouth.

The boy lit up another cigarette and after he finished it, took off the underpants and emptied the firm contents into a bag and gave them to the man. He bent over a tree and the man then wiped his arse crack and sniffed at the wipes before putting them into the plastic bag with the underpants. The two men kissed and he felt up the boy’s huge arse, legs and titties before they quietly separated. The man now went home to his pregnant wife and Big Neil went back to school.

A few days later I told Big Neil what I had seen and that I knew the man and told him I wanted him to service me and a couple of friends and that he had no option…. I told him to meet me in the boys’ toilets after school and to bring the little bottle and to be ready to do the same again. He looked at me …(to be continued)

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  1. It’s true, guys. The big bottomed boy is called Neil Cunningham and he loved to do kinky stuff for ££££…

  2. This content has been hidden as the member is suspended.

  3. It’s a true story and the boy has moved away a long time ago like me… and I haven’t said where exactly in Scotland it was…

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